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image of rhonda justice
rhonda justice
kpom (ft. smith, ar)
image of amy brooke
amy brooke
kpnx (phoenix, az)
image of stacey adams
stacey adams
kvoa (tucson, az)
image of edie lambert
edie lambert
kcra (sacramento, ca)
image of heather moore
heather moore
kcra (sacramento, ca)
image of shari small
shari small
ksby (san luis obispo, ca)
image of cheryl preheim
cheryl preheim
kusa (denver, co)
image of andrea brody
andrea brody
wtvj (miami, fl)
image of michelle kosinski
michelle kosinski
wtvj (miami, fl)
image of martha sugalski
martha sugalski
wtvj (miami, fl)
image of donna bell
donna bell
wjhg (panama city, fl)
image of carla kneeland
carla kneeland
wjhg (panama city, fl)
image of danielle reese
danielle reese
wagt (augusta, ga)
image of erin white
erin white
kwwl (waterloo, ia)
image of adriane horner
adriane horner
ktvb (boise, id)
image of amy jacobson
amy jacobson
wmaq (chicago, il)
image of anita roman
anita roman
wics (springfield, il)
image of katrina hancock
katrina hancock
ksnt (topeka, ks)
image of lauragail locke
lauragail locke
ksnt (topeka, ks)
image of shannon davidson
shannon davidson
wave (louisville, ky)
image of carrie harned
carrie harned
wave (louisville, ky)
image of shelley brown
shelley brown
kplc (lake charles, la)
image of caterina bandini
caterina bandini
whdh (boston, ma)
image of andrea stassou
andrea stassou
whdh (boston, ma)
image of michael ann wolf
michael ann wolf
wdiv (detroit, mi)
image of rachael ruiz
rachael ruiz
wood (grand rapids, mi)
image of candice grossklaus
candice grossklaus
kttc (rochester, mn)
image of nikki rudd
nikki rudd
kttc (rochester, mn)
image of cheryl lasseter
cheryl lasseter
wlbt (jackson, ms)
image of terri bennett
terri bennett
wcnc (charlotte, nc)
image of beth fisher
beth fisher
kvbc (las vegas, nv)
image of leslie jones
leslie jones
krnv (reno, nv)
image of cheryl nelson
cheryl nelson
wbgh (binghamton, ny)
image of jennifer johnson
jennifer johnson
whec (rochester, ny)
image of heather holeman
heather holeman
kfor (oklahoma city, ok)
image of amy kaufeldt
amy kaufeldt
kjrh (tulsa, ok)
image of karen hepp
karen hepp
wcau (philadelphia, pa)
image of amber rupinta
amber rupinta
wcau (philadelphia, pa)
image of kelley mcgee
kelley mcgee
wjar (providence, ri)
image of nicole henrich
nicole henrich
wbir (knoxville, tn)
image of jennifer mabe
jennifer mabe
wbir (knoxville, tn)
image of jennifer shed
jennifer shed
krbc (abilene, tx)
image of laurie kovach
laurie kovach
kxan (austin, tx)
image of julie shields
julie shields
kxan (austin, tx)
image of dominique sachse
dominique sachse
kprc (houston, tx)
image of alexa hamblin
alexa hamblin
kten (sherman, tx)
image of juliet bickford
juliet bickford
wsls (roanoke, va)
image of jennifer waddell
jennifer waddell
wsls (roanoke, va)
image of meg coyle
meg coyle
king (seattle, wa)
image of jessie garcia
jessie garcia
wtmj (milwaukee, wi)
image of melissa martin
melissa martin
wvva (bluefield, wv)
image of tamara damante
tamara damante
ktwo (casper, wy)
image of cheryl denhouten
cheryl denhouten
ktwo (casper, wy)

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