Some Boat Pictures

I will add more as I get them. Feel free to send me some. (Click on the thumbnail for a larger version)

Jeff Carter
Jeff Carter 34-F of Hanceville, AL flying through the turn in his A Hydro.
Kerry Smith F-21 D-Hydro
Kerry Smith F-21 of Atlanta, GA cornering his D Hydro.
Ron Rouff
Ron Rough F-7 of Hanceville, AL in his E Hydro.
F-46 again
Kerry Smith F-21 sliding his D Hydro through the corner.
Kerry Smith once more in his D Hydro.
Dan Parker 1-T  in Beaumont, TX
beaumont 2
Dan Parker 1-T and John Maddrell 300-S in Beaumont,TX
Pineville 1
Brian Payne 1-US in his Runabout in Pineville, LA
Pineville 2
Earl Mitchell 73-T and Vernon Barfield O-90 in their Super E Hydros in Pineville,LA. To hear Earl's 6-cylinder Mercury cry, click on the drawing of one above.
Pineville 3
25 - XS Hydros in Pineville,LA
Pineville 4Luckily the water in Pineville, LA is not that cold :-) Lake Texoma
Yamatos in close competition on Lake Texoma

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