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The South African Team ready to leave for the AOF Short Course National.


The 1999 AOF Short Course Nationals,

Lake Placid, Fl

sat1_s.jpg (5843 bytes)The South Africans getting the boats ready in my garage in Roswell, GA

sat2_s.jpg (5843 bytes)Boats loaded on the trailer ready to go.

sat3_s.jpg (5843 bytes)Packing the van for the "Great Trek"

sat4_s.jpg (5843 bytes)The South African Team ready to leave.

sat5_s.jpg (5843 bytes)It was sooo cold..... that my wife had to keep us there for more photos

sat6_s.jpg (5843 bytes)At the 4-H camp on the day after arrival

sat7_s.jpg (5843 bytes)Brett Duncan suiting-up to test at Lake Placid sat8_s.jpg (5843 bytes)Brett Duncan testing the D-Hydo at Lake Placid scourse_nat99_1_s.jpg (5843 bytes)Colin Duncan taking a break in our cabin at the Cloverleaf 4-H camp
scourse_nat99_2_s.jpg (5843 bytes)Tinus van der Merwe taking a break in our cabin at the Cloverleaf 4-H camp scourse_nat99_3_s.jpg (5843 bytes)Brett Duncan taking a break in our cabin at the Cloverleaf 4-H camp scourse_nat99_4_s.jpg (5843 bytes)My D-Hydro proudly displaying the sponsorship that made it possible for the South Africans to race here

scourse_nat99_5_s.jpg (5843 bytes)Another shot of my D-Hydro that Brett Duncan ran

scourse_nat99_6_s.jpg (5843 bytes)The South African Team (Team Spooky) pits at Lake Placid

scourse_nat99_7_s.jpg (5843 bytes)The South African Team (l-to-r Colin Duncan, Brett Duncan, Tinus van der Merwe) proudly displaying the 'Bafana-Bafana' colours

scourse_nat99_8_s.jpg (5843 bytes)Another picture of the team with the South African flag flying in the background

scourse_nat99_9_s.jpg (5843 bytes)The hydro of Jack Stotts (3-T)

sat9_s.jpg (5843 bytes)Colin Duncan doing a dance for all of his many fans and new friends. He made a big impression.

sat10_s.jpg (5843 bytes)The cockpit of my D-Hydro covered with a tarp to keep it cool. (These South Africans have delicate hands) sat11_s.jpg (5843 bytes)Tinus van der Merwe having just finished the first heat of E-Hydro