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Building Your Own Web Site

So, you want to build a web site of your own! Well, let's start by looking at what you'll need before you can do that. Some things you probably already have, but I'll assume you're starting from scratch.

Most importantly, you'll need three things:

  • A modem -- so that you can upload your pages to your site.
  • A service provider or some other means of connecting to the internet.
  • Somewhere to put your pages when they're complete.

The Modem

I can't help you with the modem, you'll just have to go out and buy one! Get the fastest you can afford. Remember that, unless you're lucky enough to have someone else pay your connection charges, the slower your modem the more you pay in your telephone bill, so a little extra spent here can save you money in the long run.

The Service Provider

If you don't already have a service provider then you will need to do a little research. Make sure that your chosen provider has a local telephone number for connection otherwise your telephone bill will go through the roof. Compare too the charges that different providers make for their service - some of them will charge a fixed sum for unlimited use, others will charge by the minute after a certain period on-line each month. Have a look at some of the excellent internet magazines; most of them do surveys of service providers. You should also consider whether you need email and news-group access. Most service providers will give you both, but remember that you can get a free email service from someone like HotMail or NetAddress.

Space for Your Pages

Many service providers also give you space on their servers to put your own web pages. If they don't, or if you are using a service like Free Dot Net, there are many places on the internet that will host your pages free of charge (see Free Web Page Hosts on my links pages).

Now for the hard bit!

Once you've got these three essentials sorted out, or have at least got them under active consideration, you can start Planning Your Web Site.

This tutorial is available as a zip file for viewing off-line.

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