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Nationality: Brazilian and Belgian

2. What I have done until now:

I did a year of Political Sciences at USP (University of São Paulo) and have a degree in English teaching from PUC (Pontificia Universidade Católica de São Paulo). I was trained by and worked for the Cultura Inglesa (English language institute) for 20 years, where I prepared students for Proficiency exams and developed a conversation course for advanced levels. I have attended many in-training courses on multifarious subjects ranging from literature, culture, linguistics, webquests and webdesign to professional development online and a six-month clown workshop! I have traveled extensively over Europe and the USA, met and worked with many people from different cultures and walks of life. I have organized and managed trips for students abroad and a number of international projects online involving different schools and institutions. I represented This is Our Time project, of which our school became homebase for French and Portuguese speaking countries. I also designed and maintain The English Department website. For all these activities, I was nominated for the 2003 GSN Online Shared Learning Award, which listed me among the 11 finalists and among the 5 finalists in 2004. My full personal narrative can be found here and the testimonials here. In September 2006 I was invited to New Zealand to participate in the Future of Learning in a Networked World Unconference.

3. What I do outside school:

I participate actively in various national and international online communities and lists Webheads in Action, Tappedin, Cyberlangues, Learning Times, Eun Communities, ECML, CIO's em Educação, Vivência Pedagógica, E-Teach, CETEFL, Teach and Learn Online. I enjoy change and experimenting with new ideas, international projects, networking, creating material, web publishing, surfing on the net, trying my hand on poessays, travelling and reading about culture, house decoration and architecture, education, ethnology, symbolism and semiotics. On weekends, I relax in the countryside, read, do some special cooking for friends and family, go for walks with my dogs and watch the videos of all the films I have not found time to see while in the city.

4. My skills include:

I have experience in working with large groups of people, organizing and managing projects. I also have web-authoring skills (mostly self-taught), speak 4 languages (Polish, Portuguese, English and French) and have a good understanding of Spanish.

5. Contacts and/or networks with whom I exchange knowledge, ideas and experience:

I have contacts within the private sector and academic institutions in Europe, USA and Brazil.

6. What I would like to be involved in:

My main areas of interest are planning and organizing projects and the uses of ICT in the areas of training, interaction, knowledge acquisition and information transfer so as to promote and improve global understanding, communication and creativity.

7. My availability

I am now working full time but can always fit some more in and will consider an interesting project or offer.