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Energy Woman

Alter Ego: Valerie Emerald
Occupation: Model
Known Relatives: Drake Emerald (husband) James & Emily Stream (parents) Veronica (sister)
Group Affiliation: The Protectors
Base of Operations: New York, N.Y.

Valerie had always been beautiful, but she maintained a healthly and pleasant attitude about it. She grew up used to being in the spotlight as a child model and grew up to be a sucessful model foe the prestigious Ford Agency. Everyone loved her for her good nature, work ethic, and sense of responsibility. Her life changed when Dr. Alexander Timm attempted to harness the power of light to make himself a super-being and he failed to reckon with the Protectors. As his newfound power blazed out of control in battle, his corporeal form began to dissipate. Valerie was an innocent bystander working on a modeling assignment when she was struck by a blast of pure energy from Timmís demise. She was instantly infused with some of the very powers he had sacrificed his life to gain. Valerie decided to use her powers for the good of mankind and joined with the Protectors under the codename Energy Woman. Gaining the respect and admiration of her peers on the team and from the public at large, Energy Woman has become one of the mainstays of the team.
She and Archer met when she joined the team and she was both attracted to and repelled by his rougish swashbuckling ways leading to a love/hate relationship. When he left to form Protectors West, which later became the Freedom Brigade, she was surprised at how much she missed him. Eventually, the bi-coastal relationship led to marriage and Archer returned to the Protectors and they continue to have a tempestuous time together.

She has a great dedication to being the best that she can be, her work ethic functioning in all aspects of her life. The motivation of not being just a pretty face pushes her to prove her worth, but not to the point of distraction.

Quote: "Donít be so humble - you are not that great. "
- Golda Meir

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