Keeper of Infinite Earths - The Protectors

Created by Bob Justice

Shadow Dancer

Alter Ego: Fawn Franklin 
Occupation: Super-hero/Instructor at the Protectors Academy
Known Relatives: Mammoth-husband
Base of Operations: Formerly Cincinnati, OH, now Protectors HQ, NYC

On a parallel earth in another dimension, Fawn was born into a very different world than ours, one that was basically stuck in medieval times with no Industrial Revolution. A travelling band of merchants and entertainers developed an odd problem with items and food disappearing at night. They set a trap to catch the thief that they suspected was a shadow-dancer, sort of a cross between a raccoon and a small monkey, but instead they captured an infant, perhaps 3 years old, more animal than human. Eventually they came across the remains of a burnt out village where they figured she must have come from, so they adopted her and named her Fawn. She was taught to dance due to her incredible dexterity and to fight for her own defense as well as to teach her discipline. She was very quick and very good at what she was taught seeming to have an animal's instincts for stealth and stalking. She danced to earn her living with the troop and quickly corrected those who tried to take advantage of her. After a few years, the troop settled down to run an inn in the capital city of the Magistrate of the 14 Provinces. He was elected to rule the known civilized lands and was a good man. When Fawn was 21, however, things changed dramatically. Suddenly the well respected Magistrate became brooding and cruel, ruling with an iron fist and demanding tribute. He declared the cult of Kali, the goddess of death, as the state religion. As discontent and fear grew among the people, an underground rebellion formed and Fawn joined with them. She was a favorite performer to the throne and many of his soldiers were infatuated with her, so she could gain access to the capitol and spy for the rebels. What she discovered was truly frightening, the multi-armed goddess or something very similar did exist and was trapped in a mystical prison. The Magistrate and the High Priest were preparing some sort of rite to release Kali into their world, a rite involving human sacrifices. Seeking out the former court mage, the rebels discovered a way to get help from a parallel universe and he cast a spell that transported Mammoth to their world. They mounted guerilla-style attacks on the Cult and, once the Protectors had magically tracked Mammoth and come to get him, defeated Kali and forced her back to her prison. Mammoth suggested that Fawn could come back to see our Earth and she accepted. The respect they had earned for each other battling the Cult turned into love and she stayed with the Protectors. By comparison to normal humans, her people were practically super-human, much stronger and tougher. Fawn's great speed, skills, and dexterity coupled with that strength made her more than powerful enough to join the Protectors and she took her code-name from her nickname as a child becoming Shadow Dancer.
She quickly proved to be a valuable addition to the team and earned the respect that is generally accorded the Protectors, as well as the hatred of the mortal enemies of the team and her husband. The fued between Mammoth and Mind Flayer cost her the child she was carrying when the Illithid caused the fetus to grow uncontrollably and the internal injuries were great enough to leave her unable to have another one. The Anachronist's next attempt almost cost her life as he was preparing to eat her brain when Mammoth pushed himself to the limit, growing larger than ever, and striking Mind Flayer with a punch that ended the evil creature's existance. They took off nearly a year from active duty with the team and worked with the Junior Protectors and the Protectors Academy. Both found that time fulfilling, replacing the loss of their own children by helping the kids, and continue to work with them still.

Fawn was a quiet, very observant child and grew up very disciplined due to her intensive dance and martial arts training. Due to the Kali battle and meeting Mammoth and the Protectors, she found a direction in her life. She could be part of something greater than just a day to day existance and use her talents to help people. Following the Mind Flayer attacks, she lightened up somewhat in an odd reversal of the effect it had had on her husband. She became determined to enjoy life more and force Mammoth to be less sarcastic.


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