Keeper of Infinite Earths - The Protectors

Created by Matt Parmenter

Sound Wave

Alter Ego: Chris Talis
Occupation: Leader of The Protectors, CEO of Talis Inc.
Known Relatives: Christy (Daughter) Mary (Wife- Deceased)
Group Affiliation: The Protectors
Base of Operations: New York, N.Y.


On a boating trip through the Bermuda Triangle, Chris Talis, his wife Mary, her brother Sean Moore, and Chrisí best friend Aaron Cromwright accidentally crossed over the Nexus of Mystical Vortices where the evil spirit of Crykill was resting. Sensing that Aaron was a suitable host for his soul, Crykill used the power of the Nexus and took posession of Aaron, but in so doing, he opened a tear in the fabric of the Nexus that bled a tidal wave of mystic energies. The boat was shattered and the passengers were hurled into a bath of sea water and mystical energies.  Crykill, existing only as an evil spirit after his defeat at the hands of All American, possessed Aaron and swam away to gather his strength.  Chris screamed to his wife, trying desperately to reach her, inhaling the strange mystical vapors and salt water.  She and her brother were sucked down into the deep as the rift in the Nexus sealed itself.  As Chris cried out for her, his voice grew stronger, he rose out of the water and into the air, hurling back toward the Florida coast until the strain took its toll and he passed out.  While mourning the loss of his wife and friends, his attentions shifted from college business courses into mastering his strange new sonic-based abilities.  He learned how to manipulate sound for use a weapon, defensive shield, and to give himself the ability to fly.  

Always having held a high regard for the welfare of others, his focus with his powers was using them for the greater good first, as a solo hero, and then, by founding the Protectors.  As he had taken a small business and expanded it into a multi-national corporation, he approached his super-heroic career and his team in the same manner.  Utilizing the best minds and equipment money could buy and his own inherent tactical genius, he became the best known and most well respected hero in the world and the Protectors team reputation matched his own.

The feud between Crykill with the Anachronist Society and Sound Wave and the Protectors has raged for years with the fate of mankind in the balance.  Revenant, the twisted combination of the souls of Mary and Sean spawned during the accident that released Crykill and empowered Sound Wave, would haunt Chris with it's terrible,insane rage until he finally sent them to their eternal rest.  Whether it be Baal, Injustice, MutantForce, the TEC Empire, the Attackers, or any other villians, Sound Wave stands in the forefront of battle using his determination and powers to uphold peace and justice and protect the innocent.

Raised as a reponsible and respectable young man, Chris excelled in school especially in business and in leadership.  Always chosen as team captain and class president, his calm, confident personality demanded repect from his peers and aided him in his business dealings later.  The responsibility he felt to be his best and to help others in need would only magnify with his powers.  Those organizational skills would help him to build the Protectors to the point of having a west coast branch, the Freedom Brigade, the Protectors Academy to train the next generation of super-heroes, and the Junior Protectors to teach young children how to handle their powers.

Quote: "You can run but, you canít hide."


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