Keeper of Infinite Earths - Covenant

Created by Bob Justice

Alter Ego: Larry Wentworth
Occupation: Actor/Stuntman
Known Relatives: NA
Group Affiliation: the Covenant

Larry Wentworth was an up and coming actor/stuntman, in the same fashion as Douglas Fairbanks, awaiting his big break. The direction of his life changed when he was cast to star in an adventure film about a magical gauntlet called "the Crimson Claw of Death". The author of the film had based the story on a little known legend about a medieval armored glove, the Hand of Baal, that was supposedly cursed. The item was on display in Los Angeles, so after a donation to the museum, the prop master was allowed to borrow the gauntlet and copy it. In the rush of production, the copy was sent back to the museum accidentally. While Larry was discussing a scene with the producer and director R. Kevin Wright, thugs burst in to extort protection money. When he refused to pay, a fight broke out. During the scuffle, Wright was knocked down and cracked his skull on his desk. Almost without thinking, Larry put the glove on to use like brass knuckles. He defeated the three toughs easily, simply by using his movie fighting skills and acrobatic ability. When he went to check his friend, he was dead. Enraged, he turned to face the murderer and was overwhelmed by a compulsion like he had never known. He reached out with his gloved hand open wide. Pressing the gauntlet, which now glowed with a mysterious red light, he burned his handprint into the criminalís face killing him instantly. When he realized what had happened, he panicked, grabbed a cloak to cover his face, and sneaked out of the studio. He became fascinated with the thought of using this strange magical power to avenge the innocent and punish the guilty. Completing his costume with a skull mask, he set out, not to stop crime, but to obliterate it by leaving his calling card, the red scar left by his hand burning into the faces of the guilty and became known as the Crimson Death. Starting out alone, he eventually became entangled in a supernatural affair that led to meeting Dead Knight and joining the Covenant.


Initially driven to become a Hollywood star through hard work and dedication, his whole perspective on life changed with the gauntlet. Instead of using his make-up and mimicry skills on the silver screen, he used them to infiltrate organized crime, especially those who were too well connected for the law to touch. His dedication turned to obsession, however, and he eventually lost control of himself becoming more violent and murderous. Finally, he realized that the Hand of Baal was truly cursed and he had to cut off his own hand inside the glove to free himself from itís influence.

Quote: "An eye for an eye, a life for a life, the burning hand of justice strikes!"

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