Keeper of Infinite Earths

The Attackers   Union of Peace


THE ATTACKER’S UNIVERSE - A parallel dimension where, in extremely simplistic terms, the good guys are bad guys and vice versa. There are known evil counterparts to a number of the heroes in the Prime Universe, most notably the evil version of the Protectors known as the Attackers whose greatest foes are the Union of Peace, a good version of the Anachronist Society. Interestingly, the counterparts are not necessarily exact duplicates, but more like the energies that are used for good in the Prime Universe went to people who were evil, not that the specific person is evil.
For example, Chris Talis is Sound Wave while his ‘counterpart’ Shatter is Jason Talis, who would have been the older brother of Chris had he been born in the Prime Universe. The unplanned pregnancy and miscarriage of Jason in the Prime Universe led to the Talis’ waiting until they were older to have the child who would become Sound Wave. In the Attacker’s Universe, they had Jason and swore never to have another child, so Chris never existed there.