The Winged Self

It's Purpose & Symbology

The purpose of The Winged Self Symbol is to focus though in the inner Divine perfection of each individual.

The Cross of Light holds us in perfect equilibrium with its inflow and outflow of Cosmic Energies, through the open ends of the arms.

The Cross balances us in though and feeling and word. It is a Rosicrucian symbol used to identify one with another when travelling in "Foreign Countries".

In the inner Planes the symbol is an identification, and those marked with it can always be served with protection and guidance.

The four arms of the Cross denote our four vehicles. Physical body, Vital body, Desire body and the Mind.

These radiate from the center from which they manifest. They are located in the World of Life Spirit, the Home of the Christ.

The white Rose at the center symbolizes the impersonal, selfless love of the Christ. Each petal is a quality, or virtue unfolding in us.

The wings uplifted, beat ever higher when we give and serve others. When wings are folded, they gain strength by listening and receiving.

Such is the experience of every soul upon the path.

May the Winged Self serve to make straight the way of the Christ in our hearts and thus herald a new and golden age in consciousness on


Story Behind the Emblem

It was in the late 1930's through the secret Code know only by a philosopher, Dr. Cunningham, that The Winged Self symbol was discovered.

In an original, unedited version of the New Atlantis, by Francis Bacon, and using the Code, Dr. Cunningham was able to interpreted a story of a vision.


Rev. Gene Sande and the leaders of the NEW AGE BIBLE & PHILOSOPHY CENTER, agreed this was to be their Rosicrucian Emblem. Afterward, an artist who was an esoteric student come to them and offered to paint the symbol as a token of gratitude for his enlightenment. Although he was well paid for his talent, and many expressed appreciation, he disappeared from the area and was never seen again.

Prayer of the Winged Self

Our God who art our Winged Self
It is Thy will in us that willeth
It is Thy desire in us that desireth
It is Thy urge in us, that would
Turn our nights, which are Thine
Into days, which are Thine also.

We cannot ask Thee for aught
For Thou knowest our needs
Before they are born in us.
Thou art our need
And in giving us more of Thyself
Thou givest all.

- Kahlil Gibran


The Winged Self
from The New Atlantis

by Francis Bacon

Lord God of heaven and earth,

Thou hast vouchsafed of Thy grace,

to those of our order,

to know Thy works of creation,

and secrets of them...

I do here acknowledge and testify before this people,

that the thing which we now see before our eyes is Thy finger,

and a true miracle,

The Winged Self!

And for as much as we learn in our books

that Thou workest miracles but to a divine and excellent end,

we most humbly
beseech Thee to prosper this great sign,

and to give us the
interpretation and use of it in mercy;

which Thou didst in some part secretly promise,

by sending it unto us.

- Francis Bacon





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Devoted to studies designed to aid the modern seeker to a spiritual reorientation in the Light of the Ancient Wisdom.


The New Age Bible & Philosophy Center is a Temple of Esoteric learning of the Bible, Philosophy, and other inspired teachings that are helpful and necessary for the advancement into a new and transformed world order. The teachings help the soul realize the great evolutionary work for which it has been called into being. They give us the consciousness and freedom spiritually, to do our real work. We learn about the Divinity which is ours, and how to attain the Christ consciousness and maintain it.


There is a Daily Healing Meditation in the Sanctuary, Wednesday through Friday, from 11-50-12:10 afternoon. You are invited to be with us in person or in spirit, as we send out healing radiations for those in need and for the Planet.


Sunday Devotional Services

11:00 AM


The Full Moon Service

11:00  AM sharp.


We feel the full moon energies and radiations are important for attunement as they bring fresh life impulses to man and nature. If the Full Moon falls on a Sunday, our services will be on the following Monday; if the Full Moon falls on a Saturday, our services will be on the preceeding Friday..


Study Classes & Seminars


Study Classes and seminars are designed to show a way of life that will help us have conscious contact with our own souls. All classes are given on a freewill offering basis.


Free Will Donation - Limited Space - Call For Reservation


New Age Bible & Philosophy Center

1139 Lincoln Boulevard , Santa Monica, CA 90403

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The Center has a fine collection of metaphysical books on a variety of subjects and authors: Max Heindel, Corinne Heline, Theodore Heline, Alice Bailey, Rudolf Steiner, David Spangler ,and many more.


The Bookstore is open Wednesday thru Friday 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM.


Cassette tapes of each of our speakers are available .


A current price list may be obtained from

New Age Bible & Philosophy Center


Correspondence Courses


Esoteric Philosophy


The Rosicrucian Cosmos Conception gives a complete outline of the Western Teachings as far as it may be made public at the present time.


These are not elementary teachings. The aim of the book or the course is not so much to impart information as it is above all else to serve a means for kindling creative thought and bringing about a deepening and expansion of  consciousness.


Correspondence lessons for home study are available, you may go as quickly or as slowly as you care to. The twenty-three lessons in Esoteric Philosophy are preparatory for the Bible Study ( if you so desire). This course covers the laws of cause and effect, the life cycle of man while in incarnation and also in the heaven worlds, the  days of creation and the grand plan for all mankind.



New Age Bible Interpretation


Have you ever wondered about the real meaning of the Bible? This course based on the seven volumes of the New Age Bible Interpretation by Corinne Heline, and sixty-three lessons of supplemental material, opens up a world of inner depth and meaning behind the symbols in which the Bible is written. It teaches the history of the spiritual evolution of mankind and tells of man's revelation of himself to himself as a spiritual being. This course has the most comprehensive coverage of material ever to be found. As Corinne Heline says, "The Bible is the supreme spiritual textbook of life. It is above all creeds, dogmas and differences in religious beliefs".


These Correspondence Courses are offered on a free will donation basis. This does not mean that they are free. But it does mean that every student is free to place his own evaluation on them and to contribute toward the cost of their production and  distributionand to further expansion as means permit and the heart inclines.


No contribution is so small that it will not be gratefully received and blessed; none so large that it cannot be profitably used in carrying forward the Christed  Teachings of the New Day and in furthering  the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. Should you decide to become a student, a secretary/teacher is  assigned to you to help guide you through the course.


Corinne Heline


Born to the aristocracy of the Old South into the prominent Duke family, she received a classical and religious education that was to prepare her for her life work. She was a life-long student of the ancient mysteries devoting her time to study and meditation. The Rosicrucian Adept , Max Heindel , became her teacher and associate at Mt. Ecclesia in Oceanside, California where she met another New Age pioneer, Theodore Heline who was to become her husband  and to undertake the publication of the inspired writings that flowed through her. Her monumental work, The New Age Bible Interpretation, in seven volumes was followed by many other works interpreting the ancient wisdom in termsof the needs of the day. She was truly a New Age Pioneer , opening the way to vast new fields of investigation for those who would  know and be a part of the coming world the Aquarian age. Her consciousness far transcended that of her day, and while she had physical plane teachers,  her inspiration  came from the immortals who overshadowed her, the greatest being our lovely lady, the Madonna who was the light of her life from early childhood.







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