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twinz, inc. HeroClix


Well, here's the guy that's been compared to Cable. We don't know too much about his life in the comics since we're loyal Marvelites, but let's see what the Cap'n has for OverPower players.

CAPTAIN ATOM (H) <JL> 7-6-4-3 (20)
May play Fighting Teamwork cards from Reserve.

Hmm, nice grid. 20 points, a major in Energy and a minor in Fighting. The inherent? Maybe if you wanna stick him in Reserve and nobody else on your team has a 6 Fighting. He's also a Hero, indicated by the stupid green H on his character card. DC and their idiotic rules...

Captain Atom may not attack or be attacked with Basic Universe cards for remainder of game.

Heh. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA! Who the hell is EVER going to use this card?! Basics were deemed as trash way before Justice League. What a freakin' waste of cardboard!

Acts as a level 9 Energy or Fighting attack.

Very nice. This looks like it could be the best Mr. Atom has to offer. Even though the type is in his main skills, that nine neutralizes anything else. Go ahead and use this bad boy when playing the Captain.

Acts as a level 4 Strength attack. May make 1 additional attack.

Eh. Maybe, if you stick 'im on your front line, since his only other attack is that nifty Atomic Bolt. Yes, even though it's an AA.

Remove all Hits from Captain Atom's Permanent Record and Current Battle, and switch places with the Reserve.

In the tradition of Rick Jones, this is a great card. His grid may cause your opponent to gun for him, and this card could very well save the day. It could also mess up the Venture, since the Current Battle hits get discarded as well.

Captain Atom gains a +2 to defense for remainder of battle.

Okay, Cap decides to put on his best alloy, and gets a nice little defensive bonus. Well, his teammates don't have a nice little defensive bonus, so guess who gets attacked. Right, Cable & the Babies get slaughtered while your Atom is all dressed up with no cards to block. We wouldn't recommend using this one.

Final Analysis
If you're in to using DC for fun, you may want to use Captain Atom in Reserve with that Atomic Bolt. His other stuff like Anti-Gravity Field and Skin Alloy are reasons NOT to use him. Do whatever you like, if you have the room and want that HR.