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twinz, inc. HeroClix


This guy is extremely under-used in the game. Mission Control plopped this guy down with his hair-based strength, and boy can he use it. He has the potential to turn your Strength decks into a lean, mean, Intellect machine. Get that Book of the Darkhold in there to let Samson tell your teammate a bedtime story. Then sit back and enjoy your game.

DOC SAMSON <MC> 1-2-7 (10)
Let's face it, Mission Control was small. Not an 8 in sight. And yet this set managed to infest the scene with heroes who are extremely useful in decks. Doc Samson gets a 7S on this grid, but wait, he gets better. This card's only useful as an Activator. Then again, why is your Battlesite Gamma Base? Just keep this one in the box.

DOC SAMSON <IQ> 2-2-7-6 (17)
Allrightythen, let's get to it. A tiny upgrade since MC with a 2E. And he gains the use of his genius in the 6I. What?! Only 17 points?!? This guy is a must in your Strength/Intellect decks, or just in yer Strength. Here we go with his specials...

Opponent must discard any 1 Special card currently held in his hand,opponent's choice.

Hmmm, Mission Control came out with some interesting stuff. This card could be just the thing you needed to get rid of that nasty Avoid or Master of Magnetism that your opponent was waiting to surprise you with. We usually stick one or more of these in for safe-keeping.

Doc Samson or teammate gains +2 to defense for remainder of battle.

Um, what can we say? She Hulk's on the picture… Does that count for anything? No? OK. This one usually doesn't make the cut. Whoever you play this on will be protected as your opponent gangs up on the rest of your front line. You play this one, you're asking for it.

Acts as a level 4 Strength attack. May make 1 additional Strength attack.

We were never really too fond of AA and AB. And to further shrink its usefulness, it's in Strength, which our long-haired hero can easily manage through Power cards. Nope, keep it on the bench.

Doc Samson may make 1 attack at +4. May not be combined with Universe cards.

Now this is interesting. Turn your 6I Power card into a 10, or whatever you wanna do with it. It can become pretty useful. Go ahead and toss this OPD in.

Acts as a level 7 Intellect attack.

No-brainer here. Actually, it's a big-brainer. Ha! His grid gives him a 6, and this gives him a level 7 attack. Don't be afraid to put two or three or ten in your deck, 'cause it has a lot of punch.

Acts as a level 4 Strength attack. May combine with 1 Energy or Fighting Power card for a single attack.

Yuk. It has the potential to become a level 6 attack. Not worth it. Keep it in your collection.

Opponent must reveal hand and play open handed for remainder of battle.

Personally, we use it. Sometimes forces your opponent to Concede based on the fact that your new strategy completely puts theirs to shame. Just make sure that they show you their cards, and not just their hand. You can see that hand without seeing the cards anyway. Sheesh, those literal guys.

Remove 1 hit from the Permanent Record of any 1 teammate.

Mr. Samson also comes equipped with wonderful healing powers for the benefit of your team. Yes, put it in. Maybe 2, if you have the room. Can be a life-saver.

Gamma Base Team -2 to Venture Total per battle if opponent is using "Annihilation Affair" Mission.

OK, you get to choose from Hulk, She Hulk, Doc Samson, Thunderbolts, Leader, and the yet-to-be-seen Abomination. An easy Strength deck would be Shulkie, the Green Goliath himself, Doc Samson, and, um, wait for Abomination in Absolute Evil. Another possible route is Strength/Intellect with Hulk, Doc Samson, Leader, and Thunderbolts, where everybody has at least a 6I. Whatever you wanna do, but for us, this location doesn't make the cut.

Final Analysis
Doc Samson has proven himself to us time & time again to be a worthy addition to any Strength and/or Intellect deck. And while many of the big strong ones are brainless, we give Samson lots of Books (Darkhold ones) to read to his intellectually-deficient teammates.