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twinz, inc. HeroClix


Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, at your service. The good doctor was a pretty popular cat back in the days, but now his days are numbered. Let's try to find out why Strange isn't used more often.

DR. STRANGE <PS> 8-2-3 (13)
Another PowerSurge pimp daddy. 13 points is cheap for him, but IQ made him much better. Use this as an activator, and that's about it.

DR. STRANGE <IQ> 8-3-2-6 (19)
Dr. Strange is one of the many that strongly benefitted from IQ. It flipped his Fighting and Strength, and added that nice little 6 in Intellect. Now this is a good Doctor. And 19 points for an 8 is real cheap.

Acts as a level 4 Energy attack. Dr. Strange may make 1 additionalFighting and/or 1 additional Intellect Power card attack.

Depends on how you like to play. It can give you 3 attacks on 1 turn, with each attack being a different skill. Strange has some other stuff you might wanna check out first before tossing it in.

Target hero may not attack for remainder of battle.

Sure, why not? It shuts down one of your opponent's heroes for the entire battle. Plop this one down on a power house and watch 'em discard the big attacks at the end of the battle. Be sure to use this.

Dr. Strange may use Energy Power cards level 6 through 8 to avoid any attack made against Dr. Strange or teammate for remainder of battle.

As stated somewhere else, we plain out don't like this special. Your teammates will probably have at least sevens in Energy, so Dr. Strange won't be helping out much. We never use it, but if you can to your advantage, be our guest.

Acts as a level 2 Energy attack. May make 2 additional attacks.

Maybe. The first attack sucks you know what, but you could toss out something decent on the same turn with the additionals. Use it if you want, but no big loss if you don't.

Opponent must reveal any Special cards currently held in hand.

Spider-Sense tingling! What's this gonna do? So you know that you're about to get clobbered with Iron Fist. Too late now to concede. Once they show you, it's coming out. This special can stay with the rest of your unusable crap.

Target hero may not defend with power type of Doctor Strange's choicefor remainder of battle.

This one could be interesting. Shut down Reed's Intellect and have your team beat the hell out of him. We'll see how good he is once you make him a vegetable.

Play in current battle to resurrect any KO'd teammate next battle.Teammate is discarded at end next of battle.

Hey, this one's pretty good. Especially if you know a deceased one's awesome special hasn't come up yet. Chances are the un-dead will be useful for something, even if it's just a teamwork. Go ahead and resurrect the dead. No harm done.

Add 3 to Venture total for this battle.

This is the best they could come up with for the Sorcerer Supreme? It's a darn shame such a good name was wasted on such a crappy special. This one probably won't win you the Venture, but if you really wanna flaunt the Sorcerer Supreme, put it in for fun.

(Sanctum Sanctorum Team may not have a Battlesite.)

Hmm, Strange, Warlock, Surfy, Ghost Rider, Mordo, and Mephisto. Once we get the Devil-Man, you could create one helluva team. No Battlesite? No problem! Get out the nigh-omnipotent Devourer of Worlds!

Final Analysis
The Sorceror Supreme is much more powerful in the comics than his OverPower counterpart. Don't believe us? Check out the old stuff, or check out his NEW Marvel Knights series! It's Stephen Strange at his best. Oh yeah, this is about OverPower... Um, he can raise the dead for a turn, he has an AV, and he's Energy/Intellect personified.