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twinz, inc. HeroClix


Dunno why, but Huntress is kinda interesting in OverPower. So her highest stat is a 6. And she has two of 'em. Worst things could happen. Like an Alien Symbiote on the first turn. She was introduced in Bats/Supes, so she got denied an inherent. Oh well. She's fun and can mess up your opponent's strategy. Just give her a whirl and see how much fun you have.

HUNTRESS (H) <BS> 4-6-3-6 (19)
Like we said, her highest stat is a 6, in Fighting and Intellect. Not bad, but there's better. At least she keeps well at 19 so it isn't too tough to put her in a decent deck that includes better stats. Maybe toss her in with some of her fellow Heroes from DC like the Dark Knight (yes, we're joking). On to the specials.

Play with Energy Power card attack. If attack succeeds, add +2 todamage.

She's got a 4 in Energy. This card can make a 4 attack become--a 6! If it's successful. What the hell was the creative team thinking?! Waitaminute it was Fleer. 'Nuff said. This one is better off NOT in your deck.

Huntress may cut opponent's Draw Pile. Discard to the Dead Pile the card cut to.

Heh heh. This is one of the main reasons why we like this chick. There's no better feeling than using this card and nabbing a Really Big Gun or Web-Headed Wizard. And it's not an OPD! Woo-Hoo! Go ahead and pack two in your deck.

Acts as a level 6 Strength attack. May be played while Huntress is in Reserve.

Fun, fun, fun! If you don't happen to be a big fan of Huntress, toss her in Reserve. It's okay, really. Give her this and one or two more specials, and you're all set. This Reserve attack is extremely awesome. Strength! Yeah! That's what it's all about. Even on the front line this card is dangerous! This chick is highly underrated.

Sort through opponent's Draw Pile. Choose any 1 card and remove it from the game. Reshuffle the Draw Pile.

Too Sweet! See that Expert Tracker up there? Let's say you use that and grab up a 1 Fighting Power card. Have no fear, for the Thrill of the Hunt will save you! This one lets ya check out their deck, and nab the card that could be the biggest threat! Hot mama!

Acts as a level 2 Fighting attack. May make 2 additional attacks.

Pardon us while we laugh uncontrollably. With all her other cool stuff, what would possess you to put in this piece of trash?! Keep this one in the Uncommons box.

Only attacks made with Universe cards may be played against Huntressfor remainder of battle.

With the growing popularity of Beast's Acrobatics, this card may promote the use of Huntress. Only Universe cards your opponet will have will be teamworks, and maybe an ally or two. Chances are you can use this to avoid a special or power card attack. This is a major avoid for Huntress!

Final Analysis
Huntress harnesses the power to make your opponents extremely ticked off. Just wait till you take out one of their good specials with Thrill of the Hunt or Expert Tracker. We give Huntress our stamp of approval. Go ahead and use her.