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twinz, inc. HeroClix


It's time for Hero Reviews By Request. To quote the currently missing GDMJR, "Moooooorph!" Let's see if the jokester from the Age of Apocalypse can do anythng for you...

MORPH <MC> 1-6-3 (10)
Ah, from the wonderful Mission Control set. 10 points is a damn good bargain, especially if you're packin' the Beyonder or scrapin' the bottom of the barrel for some cheap back-up talents...

MORPH <IQ> 4-5-3-6 (18)
(May not be Spectrum KO'd with Intellect Power cards.)

Geez, what happened? They kept his strength and rolled a die for the rest of the stats or something. And how about that inherent? Now that's a game winner. Maybe if you're a really, really big fan of Morph and you're playing in a Max 6 tourney with your friends for fun you should use him on the front line. If you're just stickin' him in Reseve for that neat trick he does, just choose which image you like better on his hero cards.

Acts as a level 2 Fighting attack. May make 2 additional attacks.

Depends on how you like to play. If you're crazy enough to have Morph on your front line, what the hell, why not? Maybe follow this ping up with his Fist or a level 2 pc (power card).

Morph gains the Power Grid of any active hero for remainder of battle.

Okaaaaaay. So he can become 7-4-7-3 like Supes or maybe 5-4-7-2 like our buddy Shazam. Oh wait, they don't really mean "hero," this was before DC screwed everything up. Anyway, so what, you can make Morph more powerful, maybe give him teammate Capt. America's stats so he can use those high pc's to block with. And waste a card while you're doing it! C'mon Morph, they're gonna start throwing tomatoes soon...

Play in current battle. Morph may play any 1 KO'd teammate's Specials in next battle.

Interesting. Monkey see, monkey do. Maybe losing that teammate in the first place should've been your main focus. It can be nice if you think next turn you're gonna draw that Iron Fist, but why let Morph play it when you can get the entire character back for good? Read on to see what we mean...

Morph may combine 1 Fighting Power card with 1 Strength or Energy Power card for a single attack, for remainder of battle.

Ah! It's an OPD! Heh. heh heh. HAHAHAHAHAHaaaaaaaaaaaa! No no no, what, the highest attack you can get is a level 7 Energy/Strength. Definitely not worth it, I'd toss in Changelling (see above) before using this thing.

Acts as a level 6 Strength attack.

Now we've come to one of Morph's highlights. We're serious, for Morph this is a highlight. It's a level 6 attack that Morph can't do on his own, no matter which version you use. Might be a good addition to that AoA battlesite, since X-Man's AR never got to see the light of day. If Morph is one of your main guys, put 2 or 3 in for good measure. Great pic on the card, too.

This Special acts identical to any Special currently on the table.

Whoa, Morph! When did you learn to do THAT?! Nice trick here, it will do anything you want, your's or opponent's, hit or placed, have fun with this one!!! We're on a roll now, Morph!. By the way, according to the Meta Rules, "The phrase 'on the table' refers to any card which is (a) in play (b) placed to any Character (c) in a Character's Permanent Record or (d) in a Character's Hits From Current Battle."

Avoid 1 attack that contains an Intellect icon.

Hoo boy. IQ made Morph all anti-Intellect, with that "dangerous" inherent and now this! LOL not really, you don't wanna use this. Your opponent isn't gonna attack Morph with Intellect just in case you are using this one. For your battlesite, you can choose either this or Beast's Animal Dexterity for your AD.

Play in current battle, after one teammate is KO'd. Immediately exchange KO'd temmate and Morph. Discard all Placed cards. All hits remain.

Helloooooooooo Nurse! The opening acts are off the stage, time for the big show! One of the best tricks in OverPower. Put good our best friend Morph in Reserve with this Special in your deck, and by the time one of your Front Liners bites the dust, Morph should be ready with this card placed. Alakazam! And Morph turns into Heroes For Hire! This is awesome, definitely the best use for Morph, since he's so cheap and he can keep the guys you really want to use around a little longer.

(Age of Apocalypse Team +2 to Venture Total per battle if using "Age of Apocalypse" Mission with at least 1 Event card.)

Morph, Shadowcat, Holocaust, Dark Beast, Blink, X-Man. Not really any common ground here. As your homebase, use the AoA Mission for that little bonus (hey, it's better than the generics!) and you could put X-Man, Holocaust, and Dark Beast on your Front Line for some dangerous games. Negate anything that comes your way courtesy of Beast & Holocaust, and let X-Man do whatever it is he does. Morph would be a great Reserve with that Substitute Death trick of his. As a battlesite, eh, there are better ones out there. You can get maybe 4 or 5 defensive specs with a couple fun attacks, but you'd be better off with your cheesy Outback or something.

Age of Apocalypse's team may rearrange all Hits in the Permanent Records of all Front Line Characters.

We have a winner! One of the best Aspects, no contest. Since your opponent's probably only hit you a few times with those fun negates & stuff, they'll most likely have some scattered hits on your characters, trying to get a quick Spectrum KO. Not that you're worried, cause Morph will just bring 'em back. But anyway, this way you can take the hits you have and scramble them to screw up any hopes of a Spectrum. Ooh, lightbulb while typing.... Put all the hits on one guy, he's dead, and then Morph can bring him back next battle and you have a clean slate, no hits on anyone! Damn, we're about to go build this deck right now after that revelation!!!!!

Final Analysis
By request, we checked out what the funny man can bring to the table, originally planning to convince people that he's usable. Well, on the Front Line he's not gonna be your all-star, maybe just for fun if you're packing enough power with your other 2 choices. In Reserve though, he can change the outcome of the whole freakin' game. Especially with that last Historical Twist thing we posted. Morph is defintely someone to consider for you players like us that like to have fun with your OP adventures. Even though Morph died when the AoA ended, OP lives! Kinda... Anyway, check out the ongoing Exiles series for more Morph antics.