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twinz, inc. HeroClix


Everybody's using Image these days, right? No, everybody's just using Spawn. Maybe it's time to try something new and go with another Image bad boy. Ripclaw may surprise you with the stuff he's capable of.

RIPCLAW <IM> 4-7-5-4 (20)
(If in Reserve, may move to Front Line during same battle teammate is KO'd.)

Nice grid which includes a 7F and at least a 4 in the others. He's definitely worth the 20 points, so make sure you get someone to cover his cost. The inherent? After reading about his specials, you'll probably forget about it.

Play during battle. In the battle that Ripclaw is KO'd, Ripclaw may continue to fight and is not discarded until Ripclaw has taken 1additional Hit, or until the end of the battle.

This one could be fun. Let's say you have that special placed and you were waiting to use at just the right time. Then your opponent rains on your parade and KO's Ripclaw. With his Animal Rage going, there might be a rainbow to mess up Ripclaw's killer.

Target Character gains +1 to defense for remainder of game.

Not too bad, but not to be overrated. A good tip for using it would be playing on that teammate that isn't quite cutting it with that 6, but has good specials. Voila, they can now block those nasty 7 pc's and AR's with a measly 6.

Acts as a level 4 Strength attack. May be used against Reserve, who may defend. If successful against Reserve, Reserve must skip a battle before moving to Front Line.

This one has the potential to mess up your opponent's strategy. If it works, they'll be down to 2 heroes for a battle when this special comes into effect. That means less targets for more damage, and less attackers for easier defense.

Acts as a level 7 Energy attack. If successful, Opponent must move 1 Mission Card from the Completed Missions Pile, to the Reserve Missions Pile.

Oh goodie. This one's in style like the Sentinel of Liberty. When using Ripclaw, you MUST use this special. A big 'ol 7 in an off-stat that has a nasty side-effect. Quite the game winner.

Play to Concede battle. Remove all Hits from Ripclaw's or teammate's Permanent Record and Hits from Current Battle.

Let's say your buddy Cable is getting the crap kicked out of him, and you've yet to whip out the Really Big Gun. Wipe his hits clean so your teammate can keep going and going. Or you might wanna use it on Ripclaw himself, 'cause he's a force on his own.

Acts as a level 3 Strength attack. If successful, Target Character must discard 1 Placed card of Opponent's choice.

Eh, being that it's only a 3, chances are it'll get blocked. But if it doesn't get blocked, they have to ditch a card and are that much closer to being Spectrum KO'd. Go ahead and try it for a while.

Final Analysis
Ripclaw could be just the thing you've been missing out on in your Fighting decks. We all know that Image put out some awesome stuff, and Ripclaw caught a lot of it. We strongly suggest using him along with your favorite fighters for a great display of power.