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twinz, inc. HeroClix


Robin, The Boy Wonder. Tim Drake has some nice OverPower stuff, even though he's in the DCU, where a lot of people got jipped (*cough* Batman *cough). Let's see what this kid can do.

ROBIN (H) <BS> 3-6-2-7 (18)
Wow, nice grid. 7I, with a 6F since he's Bat-trained. And only 18 points!!! For that price, stick him anywhere you want. You might wanna go with Front Line though...let's see why.

Acts as a level 4 Fighting attack. May combine with 1 Energy card for a single attack.

OK, if you play it to its full potential, you can get a level 8 Fighting/Energy attack. We personally don't use it, because Robin has too much other cool stuff. This one ain't our bag, baby.

Robin gains a +1 to all actions for remainder of battle.

If you're in the same boat as us, this card is taking up quite a few slots in your OverPower collection. We've got plently to go around. The +1 isn't gonna do much for ya, so you may just wanna keep it with your 14 others of it.

Acts as a level 3 Fighting attack. Can only be defended by a card with an Intellect icon.

Ding Ding Ding! Here's a nice card. So it's only a 3 when he has a 6... Big deal. This is a nice cleanup card for Spectrum KO, since your opponent is limited defensively. Go ahead and put a couple in, and attack the guys that have their AG placed.

Teammate may make 1 attack at +2.

Not as graceful as a Fastball Special, but it could do some good if you wanna waste it with your 7I pc. If you're not stocking up on his other stuff, go ahead and use one, see how you handle it.

Draw 1 card. Do not discard if duplicate.

As we've stated before, we like these cards. You can place it for a rainy day or keep it in your hand. Doesn't matter, cause that extra card could still do some damage.

Discard one Intellect Power card usable by Robin to draw 4 cards from top of the Draw Pile. May keep duplicates.

Ah, the beautiful JA. It really is a powerful card, isn't it? Venture big when you draw this bad boy, and watch your opponent flip out when your hand towers over his at 3 cards ahead.

Avoid 1 Energy attack - Bishop's Energy skill is increased to 8 for remainder of battle

Like we said, Bishop has awesome Specials. Honest! Yeah, just kinda ignore this one. The chances of it doing any good at all are as good as Todd giving you his balls.

Final Analysis
Hey, the kid is an awesome addition to your Intellect team, especially if you happen to have a draw/discard deck. Go ahead and use the Batboy to kick the crap out of your opponents.