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twinz, inc. HeroClix


It's those wonderful secret agents from Department H. With Wolvie on the roster, you know it's gotta be good, and Sabretooth and Maverick are great additions to the team. What can the trio do for you in OverPower? Let's take a looksee.

TEAM X <M/WS> 5-7-6-5 (23)
May play any Non-One-Per-Deck Wolverine, Sabretooth, or Maverick Special Cards.

How the heck did they NOT get an 8 Fighting?! All three of them guys have one, so why can't the combination of 'em get an 8? Freakin' geniuses we have making our cards, don't we? Anyway, 23 points can be a stretch, but it's also worth it. Without the inherent, this card would be useless. Definitely worth a try. You know that this is a Chromium Hero, but those things are all over the place these days. We have a lot of Specials to go over, so let's get on with it.

Maverick: COMBAT ARMOR (MA) <XM>
Acts as a level 5 Fighting or Intellect attack. May not be defended by a card from a Battlesite.

First up, we have Maverick. It's a 5 attack that's dual skilled, and can't be defended by the Outback. If you like to pack in the Specials, put it in. Just remember that we have two other people to think about.

Avoid 1 attack made with a Power card. Maverick may draw 1 card from the top of the Draw Pile. Discard duplicates.

Definitely wanna put in one or two. Once you defend, you get a card to replace it. Sweet deal! However, there are other defensive Specials to check out.

Maverick is not affected by Event cards for remainder of game.

We all know Maverick has the Legacy Virus. And you people didn't buy his series, so he's even in more trouble. This card isn't gonna do too much, so don't bother with it, since Team X can play better stuff.

Remove 1 Hit from Maverick's Hits to Current Battle. Maverick may make 1 attack with any card, usable by Maverick and in Hand, of equal or less Value than removed Hit.

Eh, if this is your kinda thing, you can use it. It'll help out with Venture, and you can make an attack. Put it in if you have the room. Let's move on to our other 2 members...

Sabretooth: BLOODLUST (AA) <OP>
Acts as a level 4 Fighting attack, may make 1 additional attack

Whoa, AA alert! Ack, Team X might've gotten jipped in Fighting, but they can hammer out fours like there's no yesterday, today, OR tomorrow. Keep this one in the box.

Sabretooth: DANGER SCENT (AD) <OP>
Avoid 1 Fighting attack

Maverick's avoid looked better than this, but we've stated before that some people like this type of avoid. It's up to you, but it stays out of our decks.

Sabretooth: DANGEROUS MIND (EJ) <IQ>
Acts as a level 2 Fighting attack. If successful, acts as a level 8 Intellect Power card.

And what a dangerous mind it is, Mr. Creed! This baby can pack a good punch, courtesy of Sabretooth. Go ahead and use it... You might wanna place it until you're sure it's gonna hit. This is a Venture winner as well as a killer.

Teammate may avoid 1 Fighting attack. May be played while Sabretooth is in Reserve.

If you're gonna put Team X in Reserve for some stupid reason, this is awesome. Otherwise, it could still work, but your teammates can probably help themselves for a while. Don't bother with it.

Sabretooth: HEALING FACTOR (AL) <OP>
Remove 1 hit from Sabretooth's permanent record

Hey, if you like to use these, use it. And if you don't like Sabretooth, use Wolverine's Heal! Those 2 are both great healers.

Sabretooth: RABID BEAST (DK) <PS>
Play when Sabretooth is wounded. Sabretooth gains +2 to all attacks for remainder of battle.

Um, no. Are you planning on getting wounded? Is that what you want for Team X? Of course not! Worry about defending yourself instead of worrying about what to do when you get smacked.

Sabretooth: WILDCAT ATTACK (AR) <OP>
Acts as a Level 7 Strength attack

This is the first good attack we've seen. Hey, it's also the only decent attack. When using Team X, this is proably Sabretooth's best contribution. Please put a couple in for good measure. On to the runt...

Acts as a level 4 Fighting attack, may make 1 additional attack

We discussed this concept up with Sabretooth's Bloodlust. It's a waste of space in your deck.

Avoid 1 attack

Finally, an AG! Yes, yes, yes! Team X is gonna be a big target, so you need that Fighting Instinct to help you out against the heavy hitters. You need at least two of 'em.

Wolverine: HEAL (AL) <OP>
Remove 1 hit from Wolverine's permanent record

Same as Sabretooth's Healing Factor. Been there, done that. Man, those two sure have a lot in common.

Wolverine: RAGE (BE) <PS>
Wolverine may make 1 attack after opponent has conceded the battle. Opponent may defend.

Bleh. We don't use it, but maybe you like this Special. We're not gonna recommend it. Use the space for another Wildcat Attack.

For remainder of battle, Wolverine's Strength and Energy actions are +2. Intellect actions are -2.

Yeah, right. Why the heck would you wanna waste a space on this? Put in another 7 Fighting power card instead. Their grid is extraordinarily good anyway.

Wolverine: SNIKT (AC) <OP>
Attack made on teammate is now made on Wolverine, who may defend it

Hmm, if you wanna use the AC, we're not gonna stop ya. But think of the other stuff you could be putting in. You have a bunch of other cards to choose from. And that concludes this portion of the review.

Acts as a level 5 Intellect attack. If successful, Wolverine may sort through Draw Pile, select any Aspect card and play it immediately. Reshuffle Draw Pile.

Hey, another good attack, how about that. And this one does something extra too... when it's not used by Team-X. Well, guess it could be used to pull "Excelsior!" if you have a generic Marvel homebase, but that's not even worth it, you have too many other cards up there to choose from.

Final Analysis
Whoa! A kick-ass grid and 17 Specials to choose from! Sure, some of 'em are dupes, but the pictures are different, and isn't art what it's all about? Even though you're not allowed to have any One Per Decks, this card could still work. Yeah, they could work even with that piece of trash Fighting rating. They deserve an 8, damnit!!! Try out Team X on your team (heh), and see what you can do with the combo of Wolvie, Sabretooth, and Maverick. Team X is pretty good in the comics too, so hit the books!