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twinz, inc. HeroClix


He is The Fastest Man Alive. Whether it's Barry Allen, Wally West, or whoever Impulse is (we don't keep too informed about DC continuity), Flash is definitely gonna leave your opponent's head spinning after he runs by. Let's find out why.

THE FLASH (H) <JL> 6-6-4-3 (19)
May play "Reap the Whirlwind" from Reserve.

Nice grid. Obviously an Energy/Fighting character. He's commonly used as cheese along with the X-Babies and Marauders with this fast guy in Reserve. And don't ask why, 'cause you already know about that nasty Reap. Flash is worthy for all kinds of decks, so stick him in wherever you want (we usually keep him up front) and enjoy your game.

Acts as a level 2 Strength attack. May make 2 additional attacks.

Um, nah. We'll pass on the dinky 2. Waste of cards for additionals.

Avoid 1 attack.

There we go. A card worthy of its namesake. There's a reason they call him that. Put a few of these in so that your opponent is sure to know why.

Opponent must discard 1 Placed card of The Flash's choice.

Heh heh heh. 1 Placed card. Not a Power card, not a Universe card. 1 Placed card. Power Cosmic? No problem! Power Leap? No problem! Ultimate Potential? No problem! Definitely stick a few of these in to watch your opponent kiss 'em good-bye. And for extra laughs, just stick Flash in Reserve with a TON of these, and he'll wonder where the heck all his cards went when that breeze goes by.

Acts as a level 7 Strength attack.

If you use him on the front line like us, stick one or two in, definitely. It's a 7 in Strength for cryin' out loud! Definitely packing some punch here. But if you're using the Scarlet Speedster in Reserve, there might be one other card worth looking at before you have to place:

Discard one Energy Power card usable by The Flash to draw 4 cards from top of the Draw Pile. May keep duplicates.

Oh yes. Ditch one, get four. How's your math? If it's anything above non-existant, then you know that you get a HUGE card advantage over your opponent, often forcing a Concede based on the fact that they're pretty much screwed. No matter what, use it. If Flash is in Reserve, place it and be patient. If you're putting him on the front line like us, still use it, 'cause your opponent will be about as afraid of this as that lethal Channel/Fireball combo that used to be legal in Magic. Oh, wait. Counterspell's counterpart in OP would be a Negate, huh? Hmmm... Make sure your opponent DOESN'T have one, or you'll be tapping for nothing.

JLA WATCHTOWER <Pittsburgh Comicon 1999>
The JLA Watchtower team may start with one grid-modifying artifact in play. JLA Watchtower team may draw 1 card from top of draw pile when playing any grid-modifying artifact. Discard duplicates.

We know you probably don't have this one. Heck, you probably didn't even know it existed. We were there when it was created. Anyway you use it, it's gonna be a Spectrum team. Just choose your favorite JLAers, slap on that nifty artifact, and watch your opponent run away in fear from this, the only DC location. Flash is definitely a key member of any variation of this JLA with all his great specials, especially when you use this baby as a battlesite.

Final Analysis
Flash is a force to be reckoned with. We're gonna have to say that Quicksilver was in fact overrated in his grid, while the man who BEAT HIM IN A RACE has a lower grid. After you stick Flash in your deck, be prepared for the power that he brings with him. There's a reason they call him The Fastest Man Alive, ya know... 'cause he is.