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twinz, inc. HeroClix


Hellooooo, Wonder Woman! As powerful as she is beautiful. DC's Amazon is quite a site to see, and her OverPower Specials are the same. Let's see what Wonder Woman has to offer.

WONDER WOMAN (H) <JL> 1-8-6-5 (20)
Hey, a nice sized 20 points, an 8 Fighting, and a 6 Strength. Wonder Woman will fit nicely with your other fighters. She's definitely worth the price, as shown by her stats as well as her Specials. Shall we continue?

Acts as a level 1 Strength attack, +1 for each card in Wonder Woman's hand. If successful, acts as a level 5 Energy or Intellect Power card.

This card can be bad news for your opponent. Let's say you place this here card. On your next turn, providing you don't discard or place any, you can throw down at LEAST a 9 Strength attack!!! And once they say, "I'll have to take that huge freakin' attack," it morphs into a dangerous dual skilled 5! That makes it easy for Spectrum, and it's also good for a quarter of Cumulative! That's what we're talkin' bout.

On her turn, Wonder Woman may exchange this card for any 1 card in Dead Pile and play it immediately.

Hey, it's a BQ. What's so tough about that, eh? Use it many a times. Wait, it's an One Per Decker. Damn. Well, use it anyway on anything you like. This is one blessing you definitely need.

Wonder Woman may avoid any numerical attack.

You'll have to put a couple of these in. She's definitely gonna be a target, and will be attacked frequently. Gotta have these to protect her. Nice wrist action! :)

GIFT OF FLIGHT (AG, should be AD) <JL>
Teammate may avoid 1 attack of 9 or less.

Is it a bird? A plane? Yeah, its Wonder Woman in her invisible jet! No, wait... She can fly now. Once again, continuity screws up the DCU. Anyway, it's another AD! How 'bout that! This one protects a teammate though, against everything except the Leech, Binary, and a few others. Put a couple in, cause your front line buddies need defense too!

Opponent must reveal hand and play open handed for remainder of battle.

Ah, now this is her game-winner. It'll screw up your opponent's strategy GUARANTEED! Then you know what you'll have to block, and you can plan out the rest of the battle... That is, if they don't concede right after getting tied up.

JLA WATCHTOWER <Pittsburgh Comicon 1999>
The JLA Watchtower team may start with one grid-modifying artifact in play. JLA Watchtower team may draw 1 card from top of draw pile when playing any grid-modifying artifact. Discard duplicates.

We know you probably don't have this one. Heck, you probably didn't even know it existed. We were there when it was created. No matter how you use it, it's gonna be a Spectrum team. Just choose your favorite JLAers, slap on that nifty artifact, and watch your opponent run away in fear from this, the only DC location. WW's gonna be a great choice for this team with that 8, and it kinda gives you a reason to use Batman: Avenger. Put him & Diana on the front line with say, Superman with SSS and you got yourself a bad-ass JLA!

Final Analysis
Wonder Woman can spice up your Fighting decks without too much trouble. Use her every now and then, since she's powerful, beautiful, AND fun! Hey, you remember that old Super Powers figure of Wonder Woman? Yeah, the one where you squeezed her legs and her arms moved up in an X formation, signifying the use of her bracelets? We remember that. She came with a cool lasso, too.