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Non-OP Links

West Coast Empire
Have you got what it takes to compete in the WCE? Best interactive rpg superhero-type game in the world! Join today, there's OP celebs all over the place here.

Spider-Man Hype!
Latest news, rumors, & gossip regarding everyone's favorite wall-crawler. Especially good for all the info about the Spider-Man movie!

eBay   The World's Online Marketplace™
Visit to buy or sell anything you can think of. You can think of some pretty sick and twisted things, too. We're addicted to this place.

Whether you have Playstation, N64, Jaguar, or even that silly Sega Genesis still sitting around, this is the place to go to optimize your enjoyment from any game. Get all of the cheats that you're too lazy to unlock yourself. And if you can't find the cheat here, then it doesn't exist.

Graphitti Designs
Wow! Fantastic place to get your fanboy gear, they have the best shirts anywhere. Our personal favorites are the Doom, Gambit, and Invaders. Also they have the well-known costume t-shirts, so you can parade around your house screaming "Avengers Assemble!", "Don't mess with the S!", or "We want to eat your brains!". Order your favorite comic book character on cotton today!

The Punisher Archive
A complete guide to the Marvel Comics' hero. This site is one of our favorites.

This is the place that fuels us with an e-mail address. E-mail us now!

Excelsior! The number one page for all you Marvelites out there. All the latest news in the MU, and with the wondeful dotComics technology you can read for free! 'Nuff said!

Marvel Super Hero Island
Check out the Marvel portion of Universal Studios' new park, Islands of Adventure. The park features Spider-Man, the Hulk, Dr. Doom, and Storm, among all your other favorite Marvel creations.

Pittsburgh Comicon
What? You missed it this year? Well, why weren't you there? OK, we'll be nice and let you go this time. But be sure to take the trip to the Monroeville Expomart for Pittsburgh Comicon 2002! It'll be on April 26, 27, & 28. Check out the website for more comicon news!

Planet Garth
Are you a Garthaholic? We sure are. Check out Planet Garth for all the latest news concerning one of country's all-time greats.

Quarantine: The Legacy Virus Homepage
Everything you wanted to know about the Legacy Virus that's swept across the Marvel Universe, but were too confused to ask. Complete with casualties list, it's definitely a site worth checking out.

Todd McFarlane Productions
That's right, the man who created Spawn and is afraid of Joe Quesada. And of course you know that his company's done a whole SLEW of other awesome stuff. Come here to check out the latest in Todd's wonderful world; you'll be glad you did.

Wizard World
Visit the official page of Wizard Press, the publishers of Wizard: The Guide To Comics, InQuest Gamer, and ToyFare. Also the people of the famed Wizard World conventions. Watch out for The Bunny.

Do you smell what The Rock is cookin? The official rasslin' site filled with cool downloads and the ShopZone.

We are shameless mutie lovers. That's right, we can't get enough of anything that has a big 'ol "X" in front of it. This division of Cinescape has EVERYTHING you need concerning the X-Men. The editor is a really nice guy too, he's even into ReCharge.