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Sites of OP Interest

The sites are in alphabetical order, so get yer lawyer off the phone.

This site was maintained by the folks in #OverPower on IRC. Everything you need to get started chatting.

Archon's Page
Our good friend Archon's Page is packed with OUTSTANDING homemade cards, IOPL info, humor, links, and a bunch of other cool stuff!

Big Card Goodness

Brak's OverPower Exhibit
SirBrak has it all on his page, but we like it best for the fun stuff (also a good place to get help with homemade cards).

CCG Links Central
Great Listing of links for EVERY CCG out there, including OverPower and Pokemon, that evil little toddler trap. Go vote for your top 5 favorite OP sites!!!

Daredevil OverPower
He does the Red Man some justice, so says the twinz! This guy has the best Webring image, no doubt.

The Dark Phoenix OverPower Trading Center
Make sure you check out this Dark Phoenix page. Great job on this theme based page, with all sorts of great info.

GDMJR's OverPower Place
The home page of GDMJR himself, who is currently MIA. Home of the Comprehensive OverPower checklists, OPA home page, news, decks, links, and an infinite amount of info on all things OverPower!!!

Jeff's Page of Chocolatey Goodness
Pretty darn good all around page for OverPower, with info & rules and checklists and trading and what-not.

King of Canada's Home page
File Not Found?! Terry , what happened to your page? We miss "Those Crazy Teamwork Cards!" and the JLA Watchtower.

Lobo's OverPower Page
Haw haw! This OverPower site features the Main Man himself! It has everything you'd expect from a decent OverPower page, and so much more.

Maenza's OverPower Page
Mr. DC OP himself, with quite an imagination. He's made umpteen OverPower expansions for the DC Universe.

File Not Found?! Magog, where'd ya go? Stop by the chat and let us know that you haven't been abducted by aliens.

Mimic's House of OP Decks
File Not Found?! Our bud Mimic from IRC took up the reigns of the Deck Domain... but it appears he's dead.

The Official OverPower Web site
The kind folks at The House don't have the OP Page up anymore, but Marvel's page rocks. You can still get the Meta Rules right here by the way.

File Not Found?! If you don't have it, get it! We'll send this to you since Norm is apparently dead.

Outer Limits Comics
The wonderful people down at Outer Limits Comics in Carthage, TN are doing GREAT work in the OverPower community. They're awesome dealers for comics, cards, and other fun comic shop stuff. We STRONGLY recommend these guys!!!

OverPower Legacy
This uniquely designed page contains Calamari's personal playing tips and some ideas of how he likes his OverPower.

Planet OverPower
EXCELLENT design with great sections, very high-tech. One of our favorites!!!

Psyduck's OverPower Pond
From the ashes of Scarecrow's page comes this one. Just another OP site.

The Pure OverPower Site
Pure OverPower and nothing less.

Razor's OverPower Island
The homepage of #OverPower's CM. This island has all sorts of cool OverPower stuff, put together by Razor with style.

Ripayuheadoff's OverPower Page
Great page for beginners, and equally great for the pros. AND he has the Marvels checklist! That makes this one stand out from all the rest, A++.

Web-Headed Wizard's OverPower Page File Not Found?! WebHead, where'd you go?! He had scans of every OverPower hero. If you've seen him, contact us.

West Coast Empire Great site! You can't throw a dead cat 2 feet without hitting an OP celeb here. We love it, your father loves it, your Aunt Netta votes every night at the library!

Pittsburgh Comicon
What? You missed it this year? Why the hell weren't you there? OK, we'll be nice and let you go this time. But be sure to take the trip to the Monroeville Expomart for Pittsburgh Comicon 2002! It'll be on April 26, 27, & 28. Check out the web site for more comicon news!
NOTE: The OverPower tournaments in 1999 had more players than the Magic and Star Wars tourneys!!!

Here are some sites to visit if you're interested in buying

eBay   The World's Online Marketplace™
Visit to buy or sell OverPower. There's always something fun to look at. We're addicted to this place.

Potomac Distribution
Best place to go for buying boxes! Very reasonable prices and friendly to deal with. These guys even ship for free within the continental U.S.

The Nth Dimension
Wonderful for buying singles and even complete sets. Give it a try.