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twinz, inc. HeroClix

Unlimited Links

twinz, inc. OverPower
OverPower: twinz, inc. style.

OverPower Island
Razor's site is STACKED. This site is complete with homemades, trading, multimedia, rulebooks, special projects, programs, and it's all in a nice Carribean style...

Scratch Disks
Temporarily Closed! But have no fear, it's a newer page, well worth the trip.

The National OverPower Laboratory
Leading the greatest OverPower players into the next century, the NOPL has the BEST homemades.

OverPower Scans Museum
Just like it says, scans of "EVERY SINGLE OP CARD THERE IS." We contribute to this worthy cause.

Anonymous fan site complete with a store. Until they get scans of all the Marvel cards up for sale & stuff, they're prejudiced against DC & Image.