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twinz, inc. HeroClix
"Top 10 Ways To Revive OverPower"

Space Ghost's Entry

My Top 10 Ways to Revive OverPower

10) Play visibly at major con conventions (Origins, Gencon, Wizard World, PITTSBURGH!!!)

9) Erase Ohio, Camp Hill, PA, and Canada from the OverPower map!

8) Screw OverPower, play Legend of the Five Rings!

7) Drive to Washington state and show Wizards of the Coast what a REAL comic book based card game looks like!

6) Loyal support from old fans teaching people at comic shops. Tried and true.

5) Put boxes of OverPower next to the X-Men CCG and tell kids if they want to play a real game they should come back to your house for a little... wait, uh, nevermind...

4) There is a rumor of a company, or some guys, going around looking for game expansions that were never made and buying the rights to possibly produce these sets to see if there is still interest in the game, and potential profit to be made.

3) Let ME make DC3!!! You thought Heroes For Hire were cool, wait till you see THE MAIN MAN!!!

2) Take a trip to Salem, West Virginia and start screaming "ROM SUCKS!"

1) TV Commercials. "Wolvie-Pooch! Use your Berzerker Attack!"

Skeevo's Entry

Top 10 ways to revive OverPower:

10) Anyone winning a tournament with Batman in their deck gets to audition for the next movie (Couldn't hurt)

9) Get "Wheel of Time" author Robert Jordan to write new edition of rulebook (Might take awhile)

8) Venture clothes instead of Mission Cards

7) Convince Bill Gates that OP is competition, can be bough out

6) Recounts on all venture totals (Florida games only)

5) Hack into internet search engines, rig porn results to be replaced with OverPower

4) On "X-Men" movie video, digitally replace Wolverine's claws with OverPower cards

3) Get Regis Philbin to host "Who Wants To Be An OverPower Player"

2) Anyone winning a tournament with Fairchild in their deck gets a kiss from a Fairchild lookalike!

1) Add nipples to ALL male character costumes (Why should Batman get all the fun?)