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I Can't Network
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Updated 9/3/99

 1) Nothing's changed since Yesterday, when networking was working...

Test #1) Is only one computer affected? Are some or all computers affected?
If only one is affected - shutdown affected computer, plug and unplug network cables, turn off and restart any hubs or routers on the network. Test...

The Stall re-re-re-visted

Between the MacFixIt Extra on "the stall" and the lengthy MacFixIt Forums thread on the subject, I figure we must have covered almost every imaginable theory on why this symptom occurs. However, we continue to get email on this subject. We make no claim that all these users have the same exact problem or that the same solution will work for you, but here are several recent recommendations:
"It only occurred after installing QuickTime 4.0. Downgrading to QuickTime 3.0 eliminated it." [David Hoffer]
"I substituted the 6 main OT 2.0.2 files for the same 2.0.3 on my G3. This seems to have eliminated the stall for me." [Kevin Atkins] See this recent posting in the MacFixIt Forums for a related suggestions.
Another reader found that the MacTCP control panel mysteriously appeared in his System Folder. Deleting it eliminated his flavor of the stall.
Also see this posting in the MacFixIt Forums, which suggests that trashing TCP Preferences may do the trick.

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