Do It Yourself Directions

Mac Tune-Up

David Anders, The Computer Guy
Freelance Systems Engineer . Seattle, WA.


  • Resolves computer problems
  • Assists with production issues
  • Designs and installs networks.
  • Teaches a Mac Troubleshooting Class
  • One of many classes offered by Ivey-Seright in Seattle
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  • Do-It-Yourself Mac Tune-UP
Utilities Needed:
DiskWarrior from Alsoft $69 (Bootable CD)
Norton Utilities from Symantec $95
Virex from Network Associates $55
OR Norton AntiVirus from Symantec $65
Version Diagnostic Help! from Total Recall $90
OR Update Agent $10 (1 time)
SCSIProbe v5.1.1 Freeware or
Disk First Aid v8.2 Apple Freeware or
Techtool v1.18 MicroMat, Freeware or
Physical Cleaning Supplies - Floppy, CD, compressed Air ~$35

Information Needed:
"Utility Roundup" from Macworld Aug 1999 Issue
Macfixit 1998 Toolbox Awards
Macfixit Utility Library
Macintosh Preventive Maintenance article
Maintenance Tips at
DiskWarrior Instructions from DiskWarrior Manual
Disk Doctor and Speed Disk Instructions from Norton Manual
Virus Instructions from Viral Checker Manual
Desktop Rebuild instructions from TechTool Readme
Optimizing your Macintosh
Extension information from Informinit or Extension Overload
Model Specific Information macsupport.miningcom/
Do It Yourself Step by Step instructions
Email me: ........... Message Phone: 206-286-8438

NoWonder offers a referral service for most Operating Systems -
The Computer Guy - Seattle, WA
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