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Mac OS 8.6 Updates
Updates to System Components.


Updated 9/19/99

Maintaining a Mac OS requires that you update system components as bug fixes are released.

Officially released, supported software updates from Apple to Mac OS 8.6!

Apple posts new updates to their recent changes page.

QuickTime v. 4.0.3 More Info , Install Info (9/7/99)
Web Installer -700K Full Installer - 8.4MB

Note: If you have QuickTime 4 installed, double click the "QuickTime Updater" in the QuickTime™ Folder on your hard drive to update. QuickTime 4 enables your computer to handle video, graphics, music, sprites, text, VR panoramas, animation, and content streamed over the Internet.

iMac CD Update v. 2.0 More Info (8/12/99)
MacBinary - 683K Binhex - 928K

"The iMac CD Firmware Update application places new firmware on the CD-ROM drive to reduce the amount of disc vibration. This vibration is typically caused by unbalanced CDs spinning at higher speeds in the internal CD-ROM drive. This vibration may cause the drive to have difficulty reading the CD. The update corrects an intermittent delay that can occur on some iMac models when there is no CD in the CD-ROM drive. This update replaces "iMac CD Firmware Update 1.0"."

PowerBook G3 Series Battery Reset Update v. 1.0 More Info (8/09/99)
MacBinary - 189K Binhex - 257K

Addresses a situation that may occur with some PowerBook G3 series computers in which the main battery won't charge, doesn't show up, or behaves in an unexpected way. The update includes the following software: PB G3 Battery Reset, an application you can use to reset your battery, if necessary. This update may not address all battery-related problems.

Mac OS Runtime for Java v.2.1.4 More Info (8/06/99)
Binhex - 10249K

Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.1.4 is an upgrade to MRJ 2.1.2 that addresses several memory and applet security issues. This release is certified by Oracle Corporation at the Bronze level for running applications built with Oracle Developer 1.6 and deployed on Oracle Developer Server using Apple Applet Runner.

Font Manager Update v. 1.0 More Info (7/28/99)
MacBinary - 312K Binhex - 424K

The Font Manager Update extension fixes problems in the Mac OS 8.6 Font Manager.

G3 CD Update v. 2.0 More Info (7/22/99)
MacBinary - 541K Binhex - 735K

The G3 CD Update installs new firmware on certain 24x CD-ROM drive mechanisms. This new firmware insures correct sleep and wakeup behavior. G3 CD Update 2.0 replaces G3 CD Update 1.0, and is meant for use on all Power Macintosh G3 models.

USB Adapter Card Support v. 1.2 More Info (7/19/99)
MacBinary - 944K Binhex - 1284K

Apple's USB Adapter Card Support is a set of software extensions that provide support for USB PCI adapter cards installed in Macintosh computers. This software will not install on Power Macintosh computers with USB ports built-in. Support for built-in USB ports and USB PCI adapter cards is already included in these systems.

USB Adapter Card Support v. 1.2 More Info (7/19/99)
MacBinary - 944K Binhex - 1284K

Apple's USB Adapter Card Support is a set of software extensions that provide support for USB PCI adapter cards installed in Macintosh computers. This software will not install on Power Macintosh computers with USB ports built-in. Support for built-in USB ports and USB PCI adapter cards is already included in these systems.

Ultra2 SCSI Card Firmware Update v. 1.2 More Info (6/30/99)
MacBinary - 299K Binhex - 407K

If your (blue and white) Power Macintosh G3 or Macintosh Server G3 came with a single channel Ultra2 low voltage differential (LVD) SCSI card, run the "2940U2B v1.2 Flash Utility" to install updated firmware on the card to increase performance and reduce compatibility issues when using large files.

Mac OS ROM Update v. 1.0 ( updates to v.1.6) More Info (6/28/99)
MacBinary - 2089K Binhex - 2205K

Based on customer and developer feedback, Apple has made improvements to its software for the iMac, blue & white Power Macintosh G3 and the bronze keyboard PowerBook G3 Series. All of the bronze keyboard PowerBook G3 Series systems include Mac OS ROM 1.6.
The Mac OS ROM Update 1.0 replaces the Mac OS ROM version 1.4 with version 1.6. The Mac OS ROM Update includes the following fix for all systems:

  • Fixed an intermittent issue where after startup the keyboard/mouse does not respond when a mouse is attached to the top (or left) USB port and a keyboard attached to the bottom (or right) USB port.
  • Bronze keyboard PowerBook G3 Series customers who reinstall the system software should install the Mac OS ROM 1.6, which is also included on the PowerBook G3 Series restore CD under the "Important Extra System Software" folder.

FireWire v. 2.1 More Info (6/24/99)
MacBinary - 1621K Binhex - 2841K

Apple's FireWire 2.1 software is a component of Mac OS that supports the IEEE 1394 High Performance Serial Bus standard. FireWire 2.1 provides a system extension called FireWire Support.
FireWire 2.1 can improve the performance of FireWire hard disk drives, when used with a corresponding software update from the drive vendor. FireWire 2.1 also enables FireWire hard disk drives to capture and play back digital video to or from some DV camcorders on the same FireWire bus, when used with QuickTime 4.0 and a video editing application such as Apple's Final Cut Pro.

ATI Video Software Update v 1.0 More Info (6/15/99)
MacBinary - 1252K Binhex - 1703K

The files included in this update provide improved 2D and 3D acceleration for computers with the ATI RAGE 128 graphic accelerator card or onboard ATI RAGE Pro graphic accelerator chip shipping in some iMac, PowerBook G3, Power Macintosh G3 and Macintosh Server G3 computers.

USB Mass Storage Support v. 1.3.5 More Info (6/14/99)
MacBinary - 1545K Binhex - 2101K

USB Mass Storage Support 1.3.5 is a set of USB Mass Storage Class drivers written by Apple Computer to support USB Mass Storage Class devices. USB includes the notion of Class drivers, a set of software components generally delivered by Operating System vendors that are able to communicate with not just one, but many different USB devices of a particular kind. This enables any number of compliant devices to be plugged in and start working immediately without the need to install additional software. Several Class Drivers are already included in Mac OS for its computers with USB, including a hub class driver and a composite class driver. Over time, Apple expects to offer new and updated Class drivers for USB. The Mass Storage Support software represents one of these class drivers and is intended to support devices that meet the USB Mass Storage Class specification. Version 1.3.5 addresses potential conflicts with multiple drivers attempting to control a single device.

Drive Setup v. 1.7.3 More Info (6/11/99)
MacBinary - 344K Binhex - 468K

Drive Setup installs software (called a disk driver) that allows your computer to communicate with the hard disk. Use Drive Setup 1.7.3 to update your disk driver or to reinitialize a disk. When you initialize a disk, all of its contents are erased. IMPORTANT Earlier versions of Drive Setup can reintroduce issues resolved with Drive Setup 1.7.3. This version includes improved reliability for Ultra ATA transfers on G3 Blue and White machines.

iMac Firmware Update v. 1.2 More Info (5/25/99)
MacBinary - 1062K Binhex - 1144K

The iMac Firmware Updater will install the latest version of firmware for your iMac. iMac Firmware Update 1.2 should be installed on all iMac computers used in NetBoot client environments. Features delivered with this update include improved support of NetBooting and minor improvements to Open Firmware for connecting to a Mac OS X Server. Version 1.2 also corrects a rare condition wherein SGRAM amounts over 2MB may not be properly identified at startup.
Version 1.2 incorporates the iMac Firmware Update 1.1 software. If you have not already updated your iMac's firmware, Apple recommends you install iMac Firmware Update 1.2.

Intel Indeo Video v. 5 More Info (5/13/99)
MacBinary - 387K Binhex - 526K

QuickTime 3 or 4 Pro Macintosh users wishing to create compressed movies for the Intel® Architecture based PC market can now use their Power Macintosh G3 to both compress and play back Intel Indeo® Video 5 in QuickTime files. This compressor supports the password protected media keys, and the transparency features of Indeo Video. QuickTime 3 or 4 Pro users can update their installations by dropping a copy of this component into the Mac OS system folder. As with most modern codecs, Indeo Video 5 has a higher processor utilization rate, and requires a modern Power Macintosh to decompress.

G3 Firmware update v. 1.1 More Info (5/11/99)
MacBinary - 871K Binhex - 1185K

Improves PCI performance on all blue and white Power Macintosh G3 Desktop systems. Do not install this on Macintosh Server G3 running Mac OS X Server. This updater will work on all worldwide systems.
Note: G3 Firmware Update 1.1 installs the same firmware as G3 Firmware Update 1.0.2. If you downloaded G3 Firmware Update 1.0.2 and updated your firmware successfully, then it is not necessary to download G3 Firmware Update 1.1.

Mac OS 8.6 More Info (5/10/99)
MacBinary - 34.5 MB single file Multi-Part Download Single File from

This software will update Mac OS 8.5 and 8.5.1 to Mac OS 8.6

OpenGL v. 1.0 More Info (5/10/99)
Multiple Options

OpenGL for Macintosh enables your computer to display three-dimensional graphics using applications designed to take advantage of OpenGL. The latest version of OpenGL for Macintosh, along with software demos and additional information is available through the Internet at the following site:

Open Transport Extras v2.03 More Info (5/10/99)
MacBinary - 966K Binhex - 1313K

This collection of network administrator tools includes: - TCP/IP Options Control Panel - Remote Only Extension - Open Transport/SNMP - AppleTalk Options control panel - Sample AppleScripts.

AppleScript Extras v1.1 More Info (5/10/99)
MacBinary - 1141K Binhex - 1552K

This is the AppleScript CD ROM Extras included with the Mac OS 8.6 CD. It contains a script menu and example scripts in the AppleScript CD ROM Extras folder. More information, examples, and tutorials are also available from the AppleScript website at:

English Speech recognition v1.54 More Info (5/10/99)
MacBinary - 1741K Binhex - 2368K

Using the English Speech Recognition software and the proper hardware, your computer can respond to your spoken commands. English Speech Recognition includes the Speech Recognition extension and a utility program called Speakable Items.

Apple Remote Access Client v3.13 More Info (5/10/99)
MacBinary - 1632K Binhex - 2220K

Apple Remote Access Client software provides an easy, productive, and secure way to connect a Mac OS- based desktop or notebook computer to information and resources from a remote location.

Disk Copy v6.33 More Info (5/6/99)
MacBinary - 753K Binhex - 1024K

Disk Copy is a utility application that will mount disk images on your desktop, make exact copies of floppy disks from a disk image, convert disk images from one format to another, create a disk image from a mounted volume or individual folder, segment a disk image into separate files, create self-mounting disk images, and create a new blank disk image. Using DiskScripts, AppleScript, and self mounting images, it can be used to automate software installations and disk image manipulation. Version 6.3.3 adds support for accessing disk images with the Macintosh Compatibility Application of Mac OS X Server.

Mac OS Runtime for Java v2.12 More Info (5/5/99)
MacBinary - 8061K Binhex - 10963K

Mac OS Runtime for Java (MRJ) 2.1.1 is an upgrade to MRJ 2.1 that updates JDK compatibility and addresses a number of outstanding issues from previous releases of MRJ.

ColorSync v2.61 More Info (3/31/99)
MacBinary - 4101K Binhex - 5577K

ColorSync™ 2.6.1 is the latest version of Apple Computer's color management architecture for the Mac OS. The following is an overview of what's new in ColorSync™ 2.6: Expanded AppleScript dictionary, JPEG and GIF support, Control Panel interface, Intelligent profile listing in Monitors & Sound, Gray space profile, Expanded bitmap support, and Additional API calls for developers.

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