Serena: This pub looks good. Do you they'll let us in, being underaged?
Catherine: Yeah, it's only for a coke or something.
Serena and Catherine entered the pub, got their drinks and headed for a table. They turned a corner and BAM! Two people ran into them, knocking them on the ground and covering them in beer and coke.
Guy: Shit!
Girl: Jim (slaps Jim around the head)
Serena and Catherine looked at each other.
Serena: I know that name!
Catherine: I know those voices! But it so can't be right. Oh great! The falls made us hallucinate!
Jim: Are you guys okay?
Serena: Yeah, but if you're who we think you are, then we must be dreaming!
Caroline: Who do you think we are?
Jim and Caroline helped Serena and Catherine off the floor.
Serena: Oh my God! You are! (Catherine and Serena finally look up)
Jim/Caroline: Hi
Catherine and Serena are on the ground again.
Jim: Caz what do we do? No ones ever fainted for us before.
Caroline: We'll carry them out into the fresh air, it's way too stuffy in here.
Catherine: Wow, that was the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened in my life!
Serena Me too, you guys must think we are total losers!
Caroline: No, we are so flattered. This has never happened before, you guys are obviously major fans.
Serena Now that's an understatement.
Catherine: Never heard a bigger one.
Caroline, Jim, Serena and Catherine are sitting on the chairs outside the pub.
Caroline: (smiles) So, what are your names?
Catherine: I'm Catherine and this is my sister, Serena.
Jim: (smiles) Nice to meet you girls.
Serena/Catherine: (smiles)
Caroline/Jim: (worried look) Are you girls sure you're alright? cause that was a nasty fall.
Serena: Yeah, I'm fine but my head hurts (rubbing her head)
Catherine: Mine too!!! (rubbing her head also) That was one hell of a solid landing!
Caroline and Jim walks over to Catherine and Serena to check if their heads are okay. Their heads were a bit bruised.
Jim: Your heads don't look to good maybe we should take you to the hospital.
Catherine: That is not necessary!
Caroline: Then you girls better come home with us in case something else happens or goes wrong.
Caroline and Jim help the girls of their seats, but they ended up going on the floor again making them pass out due to a even more nasty hit.
Jim: Shit! Shit! Shit!
Caroline: Jim!! Shut up!!
Caroline and Jim carried the girls into Jim's Lexus heading for home. They arrived at home and carried them into the house.
Sharon: What the hell is this? What did you guys do?!!
Caroline and Jim ignored Sharon and continued carrying the girls into a spare double bed they had. After, they came downstairs to tell Sharon the news.
Sharon: That's it!! Spill it!!
Caroline: We.. erm.. erm..
Jim: We.. we... we were walking around a corner and wasn't watching where we were going. Then we bumped into these two girls.
Sharon: (slaps Jim and Caroline on the head) Why don't you watch were you are going??!! You guys are grown up now not babies! Geeze! (stomping upstairs)
Caroline: (yelling so that Sharon can hear) But they kept on fainting everytime they saw out faces. That are major fans!
Sharon: Shut up! I don't want to hear anymore of this until later!
In the bedroom
Sharon: I'm going to get some ice. You two stay with them and apologise! Where is Andrea? I can't be expected to always be doing EVERYTHING around here.
Caroline: (looking worried/scared) We are looking after Catherine and Serena?
Sharon: It's your fault they have to be looked after.
Serena and Catherine shift in the bed uncomfortably. Jim puts his arm around Catherine and Caroline around Serena.
Serena: If it's too much trouble, we'll just go to a hotel.
Jim: NO! We won't even hear of that, it's our fault you're hurt and so we are going to  look after you.
Sharon: (hand Caroline and Jim ice packs) Here put these on their bruises.
Caroline: They have names you know!
Sharon gives her an ice cold look which makes Caroline quiet and shy,
Sharon: (looks at the two young girls) Sorry you two, I don't want to sound mean but someone has to knock some sense into these two hooligans! By they way...  what were the two of you doing in a pub? You don't look older than 18. Anything could've happened. It could've been a bikey bar for all you knew.
Catherine: W-w-we were just getting a coke. I'm 14 and Serena is 15.
Jim: Now look what you've done, they're terrified.
Caroline: It's getting late, you two should get to bed and rest. Your heads are going to be a bit sore tomorrow,
The Next Morning
Sharon: (shaking Serena and Catherine) Hey wake up, we are taking you out for breakfast.
Serena: You don't have to do that. We aren't very hungry anyway.
Sharon: Well you can come shopping or something if you don't want to eat.
Catherine: Thank you so much. You guys have been nice to us.
Sharon: That's okay, you two are really sweet. Now get dressed.
Serena: (whispers to Catherine while Sharon leaves) Yes mum.
Sharon: What was that?
Catherine: Oh, nothing.
Outside Jim, Caroline, Serena and Catherine are waiting for Sharon to get ready.
Jim: Oh, by the way, Caz.
Caroline: What?
Jim: This is for whacking me across the head last night.
Jim grabs Caroline in a major headlock and after a while of wandering about the yard, buckles her knees making her fall to the ground. Catherine ran up and jumped on Jim's back and Serena started pulling his hair. In a tangle they all lost balance and fell into the Corrs pool.

Caroline stood by the pool laughing. She bent down to  help the girls out.

Catherine: (takes Caroline's hand) Oh, you think it's funny do you? How funny is this?
Catherine pulled Caroline in on top of them all. They all went mad, splashing and fighting in the water.
Andrea: What the hell are you doing?
Sharon just stares from Andrea to the four people splashing about in the pool then back to Andrea.
Sharon: (to Andrea) Where the hell have you been? (to the four people splashing in the pool) What is going on?
Catherine: Well, we were actually defending Caz from Jim. Jim placed Caz in a headlock and I jumped onto Jim, making Jim and I fall in the pool. Caz gave a hand to help us out but I pulled Caz in too. As Caz was falling in, she grabbed Serena around the waist and she fell in too.
Sharon: Jim!!! You're not kid anymore so grow up!!
Jim: (making a kiddy face) Yes mum.
Sharon: What?!!
Jim: Nothing, Shaz.
Sharon: Ok Andy, now where the hell have you been?!
Andrea: W w well.. erm.. I've been at the pub drinking Guiness so I had to stay at the hotel for the night.
Sharon: Then you shouldn't have been drinking so much that you can't get home, should you??!!
Andrea: (looking at the floor while sucking on thumb) Noo.
Caroline, Jim, Serena and Catherine were giggling softly in the background when Sharon gave them an angry look.
Sharon: You four go and get dressed!!! (looking at Andy) As for you young lady, you are not allowed to go to a pub for a week unless you are with me!! Got it??!!
Andrea: Yes Shaz.
Sharon: Good!!!
Andrea and Sharon were standing downstairs waiting for the four to get ready. After 10 minutes, they departed the house for breakfast at an expensive restaurant.
At The Restaurant
Catherine: You didn't have to take us to an expensive restaurant, you know?
Sharon: Yes but we wanted to, because you girls are special.
Catherine/Serena: (blushes)
Andrea: And by they way, this restaurant has the best foods.
Catherine: Yes, it's all about the food, huh?
Jim: You'd never guess you felt like that, since you're not eating anything.
Catherine: (blushes) Sorry, I eat and eat when I'm at home but never when I'm with other people, don't ask me why, it's weird. I eat in the end cause people start forcing me.
Andrea: I don't think we'll resort to that just yet.
When they had finished breakfast, The Corrs, Serena and Catherine went to the park near the band's house.
Jim: Ok you guys do whatever girls do, talk about guys or give hair tips, whatever. I'll be back in a minute.
Caroline: Jim wait!
Andrea: Too late sis. You know when he goes, he goes.
Sharon: I'd like to apologise to all of you. I was a bit grumpy this morning, so I didn't mean to act mother on you.
Serena: That's cool.
Serena and Catherine look at each other grinning.
Serena/Catherine: All you need is your morning litre of coffee, right?
Sharon: You two are so dead!!
Sharon starts chasing Serena and Catherine around the park. Andrea and Caroline joined up with Sharon knowing it wouldn't be fair on her sister. The girls chased and chased till the girls finally cornered Serena and Catherine. Catherine and Serena were then tortured, by being tackled a lot, The girls tackled and tackled each other until Andrea realised Serena and Catherine were very ticklish. Andrea, Caroline and Sharon started tickling Serena and Catherine until they laughed their heads off.
Catherine: Hahahahah! Stop it!!!
Caroline: Oh no we don't! Tickle, tickle, tickle!!
Serena: Hahaha! Stop it!!! Hahahah!!
Sharon: You're gonna pay for that!!!
Catherine/Serena; Hahahahahahaha!
Jim comes back and saw what the girls were up to. He goes and rescues Serena and Catherine from his crazy sisters.
Jim: Don't worry Cat and Serena, I'll save you!!
Jim shoves his mad sisters out of the way and saves Serena and Catherine. He becomes the hero of the day.
Sharon: Where the hell did you go?
Jim: Well, I went home to get a soccer ball (showing ball from behind his back) thinking we should have a game of soccer.
Catherine: Score!! I love soccer!!
Andrea: Ok then, I want Serena and Cat on my team.
Jim: Fine, I'll have Shaz and Caz. Let's start the game!!
So the game began. Luckily it was a week day and most of the people were at work so the park was almost deserted. They kept swapping goalies so they could all have a shot at everything. The 6 got so into the game that they didn't even notice when it started raining. (that just made it more fun) The mud helped them all to do slide blocks and made the ground softer for when the goalie did dive catches.
Suddenly The Corrs stopped and looked across the park at a middle aged man. This meant nothing to Serena and Catherine so taking advantage of the fact Caroline (who was the goalie at the time) wasn't looking to score 5 times.
Sharon: Oh no, he's gonna kill us! Look at us, we are covered in mud!
Jim: He hasn't seen us yet. We can make a break for it.
Caroline: You know that won't work. Well, it didn't when we were teenagers.
(Serena and Catherine started laughing)
Serena: What's the big deal? Who is that? It's just mud.
Jim: It's just mud the first 1000 times but then it changes to a big deal. And that is our....
Man: Hey kids.
Andrea: Hi daddy.
Serena/Catherine: (looking at each other) Oh
Gerry: Didn't you listen to anything your mother and I taught you! Your adults now! Adolescents play in mud! Not people at your age!
Yes dad.
Serena: It's our fault Mr Corr.
Gerry looks over to the two young sisters, only just noticing them.
Catherine: (catching on) Yeah, we were playing soccer and when it started raining, Andrea said it was time to go home but we didn't want to so we stole the ball off her and they only got muddy because they were trying to catch us to take us back.
(looks at the girls amazed) (Shaz whispers to Andy) They don't know what they are getting themselves into, the poor things.
Serena: When they got too close to one of us, the other would come up behind them and trip them up so we could get away. They were only looking out for us. Don't get angry at them please, if you're going to get angry at anyone, get angry at me and Cat.
Gerry: Well I guess I'll just have to do that, when we get home.
Gerry went back to The Corrs house while the 6 back in Jim's car.
Andrea: Why'd you guys do that for us? If he's in a bad mood you're dead.
Serena: It's the least we could do for you. Plus we figured since he doesn't know us, he might not get as mad.
Caroline: Don't worry, he's not that scary. His punishments can sometimes be weird but you'll remember them. (laughs)
Serena shoots Catherine a worried look that Catherine returns immediately.
Serena: (mimes) HELP!
Catherine: Ditto
Jim Huh?
Serena: Oh, don't worry.
As they pull up the drive, they can see that Gerry has already arrived. The four siblings go straight in, but Serena and Catherine try to sneak around the back.
Gerry: Hold on you two! Don't think you can get away. You learn some of the tricks of trade when you raise these four.
Serena and Catherine trudge in behind Gerry, sending the other four scared looks.
Gerry: Ok then, time for a punishment you will remember for the rest of your life. You two get down on your knees!
Serena/Catherine: (gets down on knees real scared)
Gerry: You girls are going to be smacked 20 times each.
Andrea: (surprised at the punishment)
Gerry: Serena you first! (counting the smacks) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Serena: Owwww!!! (while crying in great pain. suddenly, she was lying full on the floor because she couldn't take the pain anymore)
Gerry: (continued smacking while Serena was on the floor) 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20
The Corrs: (they were starting to cry seeing how much pain Serena was in and realised they had to do something about it)
Gerry: Okay Catherine, your go!! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Andrea: (not able to stand the two girls screaming any longer, runs over) Daddy, please stop!!
Jim: Yes dad, please!! (begging)
Sharon: Please!!
Caroline: Pretty please!!
Gerry: (sighs) Ok fine. (smiles at his kids)
Catherine helps Serena, both crying, to their room. After about 30 minutes, they slowly came out. Serena was having a lot more trouble walking than Catherine.
Catherine: (whispers to Serena) What if he decides that I haven't been punished enough and decided to finish?
Serena: Just be glad he didn't finish. But stay close to the others, just incase.
For the rest of the night, whenever Gerry is anywhere near Catherine, she would quickly and cautiously move behind one of The Corrs and Serena kept her distance completely.
Andrea noticed after a while what was going on and she took the two to her bedroom.
Andrea: Are you two okay?
Catherine: No! But Serena's in more pain than me.
Andrea: I know how she feels. But he's not that bad, you just caught him at a bad time. He's a great guy, really.
Serena: Sure.
Andrea: Would I lie to you guys?
Catherine: Not fair! You've got an advantage with that, you know we'd believe everything you told us.
Andrea: Well, then I'll use the advantage to try and make you see what a GREAT person my dad  is.
Serena: Sorry.
Catherine: We do believe you, but we are a bit unsure of him at the moment.
Andrea: That is understandable. Well this should cheer you up. I talked to the producers this morning and I managed to get an extra two tickets to the premier of the Great Ceili War!
Serena/Catherine: (faces immediately light up) You serious?
Andrea: Of course!! Do you want to stay in here a bit longer??
Serena: No, I think we'll come out.
Catherine: Yeah, we'll be fine.
As they came out of Andrea's room, Caroline is waiting by the door.
Caroline: (puts her arm around Catherine's shoulder and Andrea puts hers around Serena's) Hey are you guys okay?
Serena: We will be.
Gerry: Hey Cat?
Catherine: (Caroline feels Catherine move automatically behind her and stiffen up) Yeah??
Gerry: Jim and Sharon have been telling me, you're quite a musician. What instruments do you play?
Catherine: Um-er-w-um the violin, um-d-drums, bodhran and-and the um guitar.
Gerry: That's very impressive. I'm sorry you two. I was in a very very bad mood before and I know I shouldn't have taken it out on you but you did have some part to play in it.
Through the night, the sisters began to ease up about Gerry, and found that what Andrea said was really true.
Andrea: So what instruments do you play, Serena?
Serena: Um.. the tin whistle, piano and er.. a little bit of guitar.
Gerry: Wow, looks like we got an Andrea number 2 here as well. (chuckles to himself)
Serena: (blushes)
Andrea: (smiles at Serena)
Gerry: If these two got a vocalist they would practically be The Corrs!!! Well, why don't we all play some songs together?
Jim: Oh right!!! (looking extremely happy)
Gerry: That's my Jimmy boy!
The Corrs, Gerry, Catherine and Serena went to the room, which was used especially for performing.
Sharon: Okay, how are we going to do this?
Caroline: We'll have to pick the right songs.
Andrea: Okay one, for Toss The Feathers, Serena and I on the tin whistle. Sharon and Shaz on the violin.
Caroline: For Forgiven Not Forgotten, Cat and I on the bodhran. Andrea and Serena on the tin whistle.
Jim: For Breathless, Serena and I on guitar, while Caz and Cat on drums.
Sharon: For Runaway, Serena and Caz on piano. Cat and Jim on guitar.
Gerry: Is that okay for you girls?
Catherine: Sure!
Serena: Yeah, it's fine!
The Corrs, Serena and Catherine are standing on the stage ready to perform for Gerry.
Andrea: First we are going play Runaway as that is your favourite song, Daddy.
Serena/Caroline: (on the piano) 1 2 3 4 5 6
Sharon: (violin comes in)
Jim/Catherine: (guitar comes in)
Andrea: Say it's true, there's nothing like me and you. Not alone, tell me you feel it to. And I will runaway, I will runaway yeah, yeah. I will runaway, I will runaway with you. Cause I have fallen in love, with you know never have, I'm never gonna stop falling in love with you.
Sharon: (violin fill in)
Andrea: Close the door, lay down upon the floor. And by candlelight, make love to me through the night (through the night) Cause I have runaway, I have runaway, yeah, yeah. I have runaway, runway. I have runaway with you. Cause I have fallen in love, with you know never have. I'm never gonna stop fallen in love with you.
Sharon: (violin solo)
Andrea: With  you.. And I will runaway, yeah, yeah. I will runaway, I will runaway with you.
Jim/Catherine: (guitar fill in)
Andrea: Cause I have fallen in love, with you know never have. I'm never gonna stop fallen in love with you. With you, with you, with you, with you, with you. (violin plays in background until song fades)
Gerry: (claps) Bravo!!!
So Catherine and Serena could have a go playing all the instruments they learn 6 of them just kept them going and going, never wanting to stop.
Sharon: Which others do you want to play?
Catherine: I don't mind, I can play all your songs.
Serena: Whatever you guys want to play.
So in the end, the played BREATHLESS with Caroline and Catherine on the drums, Jim and Serena on the guitar, Andrea on vocals and Sharon on violin.
IRRESISTIBLE with Jim, Serena and Catherine on guitar, Sharon on violin and Caroline on drums.
TOSS THE FEATHERS with Caroline on the drums, Sharon and Catherine on the violin, Andrea and Serena on the tin whistle and Jim on the guitar.
Finally FORGIVEN NOT FORGOTTEN with Caroline on drums, Catherine on bodhran, Serena and Andrea on tin whistle. Andrea was also on vocals and Jim on guitar and keyboards.
Gerry: You guys are bloody brilliant!!! I mean all of you not just the band!
Catherine and Serena looked at each other grinning.
Jim: Next time we have some special guests, we'll know exactly who to call.
Catherine: Great, are you going to have Bono again?
Andrea: (ruffling Catherine's hair) It's Jim's job to crack the corny jokes.
Catherine: Hey!! (goes to get Andrea)
Gerry: Stop! You don't have to start that again, do you? Or you won't be able to walk for a month!
Catherine stopped immediately and slowly move behind the drum kit.
Gerry: Hey I'm joking, I'm joking!
After that they all sat around talking until Serena fell asleep on Caroline's shoulder and Catherine fell asleep on Andrea's.
The next day Jim came in around 9:30am with Andrea's tin whistle and blasted the two girl's ears off trying to get them up.
Jim: What you two doing?!! You've had enough sleep.
Catherine: Says you.
Serena: Yeah, I bet no one else is up.
Andrea: I beg to differ. Jim give that back!!
Andrea pulls the covers back from the bed and watched with amusement as the girls start moaning and trying to keep warm.
Jim: (look at Andrea) I think you know what to do.
They nod and started tickling the two girls like mad. They try to resist but fail miserably. They get marched down to the kitchen by Jim and Andrea where everyone is up and dressed.
Sharon: Hi. You guys had a long sleep in.
Catherine: Err (moaning)
Caroline: Obviously not long enough.
Serena: That wasn't long, it's only 9:30am!
Caroline: We've been up for hours. I've already been to the gym.
Catherine: Yes well, that's you!
Serena: What's for breakfast?
A few hours later, once Serena and Catherine were awake, dressed and fed, they were all just sitting around.
Serena: Could you guys give us some lessons with music and stuff?
Andrea: Sure let's get the stuff out ... again.
They just played around for awhile and if any of The Corrs could see something that they shouldn't be doing or if they could give any advice on the way Catherine and Serena were playing everyone would stop and by the end, Serena and Catherine were playing better than they had ever before.
By the time they finished, it was mid afternoon.
Caroline: Hey Andy, what time does the premier start?
Andrea: We need to be there by 6.
Jim: Since it's in Dublin, we probably better start getting ready now.
Serena: How long does it take to get to Dublin?
Caroline: About an hour.
Sharon: We still have to work out what we are going to wear.
Jim: I've got mine worked out. So have Andy and Caz.
Sharon: Okay, I've sort of.
Serena: What about us? We don't exactly have anything that would suit a movie premier.
Andrea: Just borrow some of our clothes and we can do your hair and stuff.
Catherine: But one thing first. In my case NO dresses or skirts.
Jim: Well, you come with me then. Nah just kidding, you will easily fit into any of the girl's stuff.
Serena: Cat, will you grow up and stop being such a tomboy.
Catherine: I am so not a tomboy, well, not really.
Serena: Sure, whatever.
Jim: Okay girls now, cut that out!!!
Andrea: Jim, they are sisters, no matter how close they are, they are suppose to fight!!
In the end, Serena ended up going with Caroline and Catherine followed Andrea.
Both girls found themselves weighed down with clothes that Andrea and Caroline thought would look good. Every time they tried something on, Andrea or Caroline would dig up something else.
Eventually Serena and Caroline came into Andrea's room.
Caroline: We are done. How about yo...? What the hell happened here?
Caroline looked down on Andrea's floor, at least what you could see of it, the rest was covered in Andrea's whole wardrobe.
Caroline: Andy! Haven't you learnt how to put AWAY your clothes yet?
Andrea: Yes we are done and Cat had just as much fault as I did this time.
Serena was wearing a little black top and a black skirt, and Catherine on some tight black pants with a red top and a denim jacket.
It didn't take too much longer for Serena and Catherine to have their hair done.
Then they went into the lounge room where Jim, Sharon and Gerry were waiting.
Gerry: You guys all look absolutely stunning.
Andrea: So do you, Daddy.
Jim: So is everyone ready to go?
Catherine: How are we getting there?
Sharon: You'll see.
When they got outside the house, there was a massive black stretch limo waiting.
Catherine: Oh my God!
Serena: Wow!!
Jim: (acting sophisticated) When you're in the music business or movie business, the effects of limousines wear off after you've been in them the first hundred times.
Caroline: (following suit) Yes, to us it's just another means of transportation.
Catherine: Come on now, this is no time to be modest. (she and Serena looked at each other and rolled their eyes)
They climbed into the limo and were on their way.
Serena: Cat, do you realise that we are in a limousine with the CORRS!!
Both girls pretend to faint.
Caroline/Jim: Not again!!
Sharon: Do that on the red carpet, and you'll make the front page of all the magazines!
Catherine and Serena shake hands.
Serena: It's a plan.
An hour later, they pulled up infront of the cinema.
Catherine: Wow! There are so many reporters!!
Sharon: (acting sophisticated again) Yes well, you get used to that too.
Serena: (she and Catherine roll their eyes again) Oh please.
Andrea: (looks at the two younger girls) So you two don't feel uncomfortable, you and Daddy come out between us. Like two of us will get out, then you three then the other two right?
Serena and Catherine nodded looking very nervous. Jim and Andrea get out first followed by Serena, Catherine and Gerry, then Caroline and Sharon.
Catherine and Serena started to walk inside since they knew everyone would want pictures of the band, but the band pulled them back telling them that they want Serena and Catherine to be in some of the photos too. After a while, the girls managed to get out of the band's grips so the press could get some 'family shots'. They went up the red carpet, inside the building and almost fainted again. The number of celebrities that were in there were unbelievable! There were bands, singers, actors and actresses. They couldn't believe their eyes.

The band introduced Serena and Catherine to everyone who came up to talk to them. They even go to talk to several actors from Lord of the Rings. It was better than either of them ever dreamed. After a while, the both started to get twice as excited, nervous and restless etc. So  naturally, they couldn't stand still. They kept fiddling with their hands, shuffling their feet and playing with their hair.

Andrea: Are you guys okay?
Catherine: Yeah, we're just kinda excited, actually extremely excited so we might go kinda hypo.
Serena: Just a tad.
Sharon: Well, at least you've warned us. But just don't go overboard or we'll have to have you thrown out.
Serena: Sure, then we'll just take your limo. Lets go Cat.
Catherine: We know when we're not wanted.
With that, they turned and started to leave.
Jim: (grabbing the back of their jackets) Oi! You two get back here.
Serena: They always come crawling back.
Catherine: How could they not, we're irresistible.
Serena and Catherine sang the chorus to Irresistible.
Gerry: You didn't say you were singers too.
Serena: Oh, hahaha.
Catherine: We're full of hidden talents.
Caroline: (to Andrea) You nervous?
Andrea: Hell yeah. Oops, sorry Daddy. I mean yes Caroline, I am.
By then, it was time to watch the movie. Also by that time, Catherine and Serena were again twice as restless. In their seats, they kept looking around, tapping their feet, drumming their fingers on the arm rests, humming little tunes. They would not stop fiddling. In the end, the band held their hands down against the arm rests.
Sharon: Honestly you two, it's just an opening movie.
Jim: Quiet it's starting.
As soon as the lights went down, Catherine and Serena sat shock still, not daring to move.
Caroline: (whispering) You're allowed to breathe, you know.
For the next couple of hours, they all sat entranced by the movie. At the end, they all got up and went back to the room outside. Millions of people came up to Andrea and congratulated her on her performance. The rest of them waited over in a corner.

When Andrea came over, she noticed that Serena and Catherine were both silently crying.

Andrea: Hey you two, what's up?
They both threw their arms around Andrea.
Catherine: Oh Andy, that was so beautiful.
Serena: You were so amazing!
Andrea: (still hugging them) Oh you guys are so sweet.
After everyone finished congratulating Andrea, The Corrs, Serena and Catherine decided to go to the pub to celebrate Andrea's successful movie. However, Gerry decided to go home as he was beginning to feel sleepy.
Outside the theatre.
Gerry: Okay, I'm gonna go home now. I'm feeling sleepy so you guys don't stay up too late.
Andrea: Okay, goodnight daddy!
Gerry: Goodnight Andrea, Caroline, Sharon, Jim, Serena and Catherine.
Gerry went back home while The Corrs, Serena and Catherine went to the pub.
At the pub entrance.
Waiter: How may I help you?
Andrea: Table for 6 please.
Waiter: Okay, follow me this way.
Caroline: It's my shout!
Andrea: Of course! (chuckling to herself)
Caroline: Oh, shut up!!
The 6 seated at the table looking at their menus while the waiter waited for the order.
Andrea: Okay.
Waiter: Yes??
Andrea: 4 Guinness's and 2 Cokes please
Waiter: Coming right up. (walks off to the bar)
Caroline: Don't worry girls, we'll sneak you some.
Jim: You sure it's a good idea?
Sharon: It would be okay.
Serena: Cool!! Haven't drunk alcohol in ages!!
Sharon: (choking on her Guinness) Wha what?? But you're only 15!
Serena: Yeah, well I sneak sometimes but Cat hasn't. She's like a bit too young.
Catherine: Yeah, so this is the first time I'm drinking alcohol. Or at least Serena knows about.
Serena: Trust me Cat.. you'll love it!! Very addictive. Wait, what did you just say??
The Corrs all started laughing
The Corrs a bit of Guinness into the girl's glasses. They all partied and chatted. However, Serena and Catherine appeared to be drunk as their bodies haven't developed fully intoadults, making them get drunk easier.
Serena: Hahahahahahaha.
Catherine: Hahahahahahaha.
Sharon: Shit!! They are drunk!!
Caroline: Uh oh, what happens if daddy finds out??
Jim: If you girls think about it, when we get home daddy would be asleep. So we just get inside the house slowly and take them to their rooms we we go back to ours, by time it's morning it would have worn off.
Sharon: Now, why didn't us sisters think that?
Jim: Cause I'm the only guy in this family that is smart! (being cheeky)
Andrea: Bullshit! I was classed the brainiest out of all the siblings.
Jim: I know, sorry girls.
Serena: I think I'm gonna be sick!! (running off too the toilets)
Catherine: (coughing) Me too! (also running of the toilets)
Andrea quickly got up to follow Serena while for Catherine, Caroline. Andrea walked into the one Serena was in and held her hair behind and Caroline did the same for Catherine.
Serena: (walks out of the toilet to wash her hands followed by Andrea)
Andrea: Are you okay?
Serena: Yeah, I'm fine just sick.
Meanwhile, Catherine came out with Caroline.
Serena: You okay, sis?
Catherine: Yeah.(washing her hands) Um.. no (running back inside)
Caroline: You sure you okay, Serena?
Serena: Yeah, I'm fine.
Caroline: Okay, I'll go back in and see how Cat is doing.
Serena: Okay, thanks.
Caroline: No problems (smiles)
Serena: Shit! I'm gonna be sick again. (runs back in the toilet)
Andrea: (went back inside and held onto her hair)
After a few minutes Serena came out to wash her hands again and as for Catherine 5 minutes after.
Andrea: You okay you two?
Serena: Fine but still feel sick.
Catherine: Yeah.. still sick also!
After they walked back outside to the bar where they found Jim and Sharon sitting at the tables with worried looks. Andrea, Caroline, Serena and Catherine sat down.
Sharon: Cat looks awfully pale, as well as Serena. Are they okay?
Catherine: Yes we are fine.
Andrea: Time to get these two alcoholics home.
Jim: He he, good idea.
The Corrs helped Serena and Catherine into Jim's Lexus heading for home.
Jim: Okay Serena and Cat, be careful and don't ruin my car!
Sharon: They won't.
After a 15 minute drive, they arrived home. They opened the door slowly went upstairs and placed Serena and Catherine in their beds. After, they tip toed back to their rooms.
In the morning, Jim goes to wake up Andrea.
In Andrea's room.
Jim: Andy wake up!
Andrea: (moaning)
Jim: (pulls Andrea's implanted thumb out of her mouth and chuckling to himself)
Andrea: (puts thumb back in)
Jim: (pulls it out slolwy again)
Andrea: (puts it back in and slaps Jim in the head) Leave me alone!! It's not funny!
Jim: But, it's time to wake up.
Andrea: What time is it?
Jim: 9:00am (pulling covers off bed)
Andrea: No, too early! (pulls covers back) Good night!!!
Jim: Andy!!
Andrea: What?!!
Jim: Don't you remember??!
Andrea: Remember what?!
Jim: Serena and Cat getting drunk last night. We have to see how they're doing so Daddy won't find out.
Andrea: Shit! Why didn't you tell me earlier??
Jim: You just ignored me!
Andrea gets out of bed quickly and gets Sharon and Caroline up. The three sisters went to the bedroom door of Serena and Catherine's room.
Andrea: (knocks on door)
Catherine: Come in!
Andrea, Caroline and Sharon enter the room and close the door on the way in.
Caroline: You girls up already??
Serena: He he yeah, well, ummm.. cause.
Sharon: Let me guess!! Hangover??
Serena: Yeah, a great big headache. Otherwise I'm fine.
Andrea: And how about you Cat??
Catherine: Headache and sick.
Serena: Yeah I think it's because she's younger than me and the body can't take it yet.
Andrea: Yeah..
Catherine: Yeah umm... I think I'm gonna be sick (pushes Caroline out of the way and runs for the toilet)
Serena: Oh, I hope she's okay.
Caroline: I'll go and see how's she doing.
Serena: Thanks.
After a couple of minutes, Catherine and Caroline return to the room.
Serena: How are you feeling, sis? (with worried look)
Catherine: I'm a bit better. (sits back on the bed next to Serena)
Serena: (smiles)
Catherine: How come you don't look sick??
Serena: Well, I'm older than you and you're body is smaller than mine making the alcohol get to you quicker than a normal adults. I do feel a bit sick and a major headache but I don't really show it. The Corrs probably don't feel sick as they are adults and gets worn off quickly but get drunk slower than us.
Catherine: Oh...
Serena: (puts arm around Catherine) You'll be okay soon.
Andrea: Awww.. that looks cute.
Sharon: Do we get one??
Catherine: Oh come on girls, join in.
Serena, Catherine, Andrea, Sharon and Caroline hugged for ages when Jim comes in.
Jim: Do I get one?? (giving a smile)
Serena: Oh what the heck, come on.
The Corrs, Serena and Catherine hugged and hugged when Gerry came in. He stared at them for a while and smiled.

Suddenly he looked closer at the girls.
Gerry: Hey Catherine, are you okay? You look awfully pale.
Catherine's eyes widen for a couple of seconds
Catherine: Oh yeah, I just had trouble sleeping last night. It happens all the time. Iíll be fine in a few hours.
Gerry: Well if youíre sure.
He walks out of the room.

The Corrs crack up.
Sharon: Oh my god!. Where did you learn to lie like that!
Catherine: (shrugged and smiled): Just practice, I guess.
The four jump on the two sisters again with hugs.
Serena/Catherine: Ow! Head-head-head!
Andrea: Oh! Sorry!
Caroline: Maybe it would be safer if you too just had an extremely small breakfast. No Dairy stuff!
Jim: Maybe they should have it away from Daddy too.
Sharon: Okay so weíll bring you breakfast in bed. Just wait here.
The four of them went and had breakfast with Gerry, after they had brought the girls some toast.

They went to see how the girls were doing half an hour later, only to find their toast uneaten and the two of them not in the room.
Andrea: They must be in the bathroom.
She lay down on the bed, her eyes glance across to the cupboard.
Andrea: Oh shit! Jim, please tell me that Iím dreaming the cupboards being empty!!!
Jim: (hurries to wardrobe) Crap. I wish I could Andy, but they are completely bare.
Caroline: Why would they want to go? Did we do something? Where would they go? What if something happens to them?
Sharon: Caz! Caz ! CAZ! Calm down! We canít answer these questions without finding the girls.
Jim: Ok, letís go!
They all ran out the door, leaving their father only time to stutter after them.
Jim: See-ya Dad.                    (Gerry: HeÖ.)
Sharon: Weíll be back soon.         (Gerry: BuÖ.)
Andrea: Bye Daddy.                     (Gerry: DoÖ.)
Caroline: Bye.                                (Gerry: WÖ...)
When they got to the street they looked in every direction.
Jim: Ok, well since they are still sick and they have their bags that should slow them down. Plus we know our way around Dundalk like the back of our hand, but they have never been around by themselves.
Sharon: Caz and I will go this way. You two go that way.
After a few hours they were all starting to give up.
Andrea: Where could they have gone?
Jim: I donít knÖHey is that them???
Andrea: YES! (giving Jim a massive hug).
They looked down the road and saw the two girls, whose faces were tear streaked.
Andrea: By the looks of it they are still kind of weak. Cat especially.
Catherine was leaning against the wall, trying to catch her breath. Serena looked around and saw the older two coming towards them.
Serena: Cat, do you think you can run? I can see Andy and Jim!
Catherine: Okay, letís go. Hey, why donít we ditch the bags, they wonít leave them behind so it might slow them down instead of us.
Serena: Ok. Címon.
They started sprinting down the road.
Andrea: Where are they going? It looks like theyíve been crying. We have to catch them!
Suddenly they saw Sharon and Caroline at the other end of the street.

Andrea and Jim started running after Catherine and Serena, while Caroline and Sharon ran towards them. (Andrea and Jim grabbing the girls bags).
Catherine: Serena!??!?
Serena: I know, I can see them. Go to the park!
The park was practically deserted.
Serena: Where do we go now? They are going to catch us soon.
Catherine: Itís a long shot but get up that tree.
Serena went up first and Catherine was half up when Andrea grabbed her ankle.
Catherine: Let Go! (trying to yank her foot out of Andreaís grip)
Andrea: Why did you leave, where are you going?
Serena: (bent down) Cat, grab my hand!
As Catherine reached up (still trying to pull her foot free) before she could grab Catherineís hand Serena felt herself slipping then suddenly fell!
Serena: ARGHHHHHH!                    Cat: SERENA!!!
Jim ran to Serena and half caught her, but she still did hit the ground.
Catherine: (half crying) Serena!
Andrea gave a gentle tug and Catherine fell into her arms. Catherine tried to run to her sister but Andrea and Caroline held her arms back.
Catherine: Let me go! (trying to twist out of their grip, but as they are both very strong she couldnít get away)
Sharon: Stay back, give her space. She might be hurt.
Catherine: Exactly!
Jim: No!!! Sheís hit her head and sheís barley or even unconscious. We need to get her home so she can rest.
Catherine: We canít! We canít go back! Take her to a doctor.
Sharon: What is this all about?
Catherine: It doesnít matter. Just help her. (moving towards her sister, lying on the ground)
The four had obviously been extremely worried and it was obviously only matter of time before they showed how mad they were, because as Catherine said that it didnít matter Andrea spun the young girl around to face her, still holding her arm but tightening her grip even more.
Andrea: Donít say it doesnít matter! Do you have any idea what you put us through. Two teenagers in a foreign country. We look after you and suddenly we go to your room and you are gone. All your stuff is gone. Nothing to help us to know where you are or if you are safe! So donít you dare say that it doesnít matter!
Through the tears in Catíherine's eyes they could see the pain.
Sharon: Andrea, let her go, we need to help Serena, then we can deal with everything else.
Andrea threw down Catherineís arm, turned around and walked away a several paces, her hand to her mouth holding back the cries with Carolineís arm around her shoulder.
Catherine: (leaning into Sharon crying) Iím sorry! We didnít mean to hurt anyone.
Sharon: I know, I know. But letís just worry about getting Serena home.
When they got home they found a note from Gerry saying he had gone back home to his place.
Sharon: Considering the circumstances that is a very good thing.
Jim: (laying Serena down on her bed) We should all just leave her to rest.
Catherine: Oh no. Iím not leaving her.
Caroline: (sternly) And we arenít leaving you two alone again.
Sharon: Letís just leave them.
So the band left the room, but little did Serena and Catherine know, they locked the girl's door from the outside on their way out.
Catherine sat on the bed crying silently as she looked at her sister lying next to her. Eventually Serena moved her head to the side and her eyes slowly opened.
Catherine: Serena! Youíre ok!!! (she continuously hugged her sister)
Serena: Wha Ė what Ė what happened? I can just remember running away from the other four.
She sat up while Catherine filled in the blanks.
Catherine: Jim was able to sort of catch you but you still hit your head. I was so worried! Everyone was.
Serena: What happened to you? Your wrists really red.
Catherine: Oh, Andy was kind of mad at us. She and Caz were holding me back from running to you. When I said it wasnít important why we ran away she blew it and started yelling at me, her hand kept tightening around my wrist, you shouldíve seen the look in her eyes. But Iím fine, Iím more worried about you.
Serena: Iíll be fine soon, just feels like another hangover (the girls laughed and hugged again) do you think weíd be able to get passed again with out them noticing.
Catherine: If we can find our bags we should be able to.
The sisters crept towards the door and tried to turn the door handle.
Serena: Bugger! Theyíve locked us in.
As she spoke the door opened. The group were standing just behind it.
Jim: And it was obviously necessary. Come on. Into the lounge.
They took the girl's hands and dragged them into the lounge room and sat them on the couch.
Sharon: Ok we need to get a few things straightened up, but first how are you feeling Serena? That was a pretty bad fall.
Serena: (in a very quiet voice) Iíll be fine soon.
Andrea: So what happened this morning. Why did you mitch? Did we do something to hurt you or anything?
Catherine: (getting up) I have to go to the bathroom.
Caroline: Oh no you donít. (grabbing the back of her jumper and pulling her back onto the seat) Not until weíve straightened all this out. We were really worried about you this morning.
Catherine: We know. (glancing quickly at Andrea, but turned away just as quick).
Jim: You have to understand how mad Andy was Cat. Mad and sick with worry. At the risk of sounding corny, you two are more than just friends to us. Itís like you are our sisters or even , well even like you are our own kids.
She nodded looking at the floor.
Serena: Fine, weíll tell you everything, but first do you have any ice?
Andrea: Yeah Iíll get it, you are probably going to have a nasty bruise tomorrow.
She handed Serena the ice.
Serena: Thanks heaps.
Catherine: Well first of all, you didnít do anything wrong. Actually itís the exact opposite.
Jim: What are you talking about?
Serena: As soon as you had brought us breakfast we realised that we have to go back home soon.
Catherine: Tomorrow to be exact.
Sharon: Tomorrow!
Serena: (nodding) We knew that neither of us would be able to say good-bye so we decided to bolt, then we wouldnít have to. So we got all our stuff, threw it in our bags and sneaked out while you were still eating.
Catherine: The rest you know about.
Andrea: Thatís why you said we couldnít bring Serena back here, because you knew you wouldnít be able to get away again.
Catherine nodded, completely avoiding Andreaís eyes.
Andrea: Catherine, look at me.
Instead Catherine just leant against Serena. Catherine felt Serena shrug and heard her whisper to Andrea: Just give her some time.
Sharon: If you arenít leaving until tomorrow, where were you planning on sleeping tonight?
Serena: We wouldíve found somewhere.
Jim: And if you didnít?
Serena: (shrugged again) I don't know, just sleep at the airport I guess.
Caroline: You wouldíve rather risked having no where to sleep than have to say good-bye to us?
No one answered.
Serena: On the plus side, all this has gotten my mind off the hangover. I feel fine, apart from the bruise. Owwwwwwwwwwww.... my head is killing me!!! (crying in great pain)
Andrea: (walks over and lies Serena on the sofa)
Catherine: (starts to edge away)
Andrea: There, there, everything we'll be okay, just get some rest. (hugging Serena until she stops crying)
Jim: We don't have any painkillers in the cupboard. I'm going out to get some.
Sharon: Alright.
Jim walks out the door heading for the pharmacy. He arrived at the shops and went into a pharmacy to buy some painkillers. On his way out, he walked passed the news stand and saw a frontpage magazine of them with Serena and Catherine. He bought the magazine and headed for home.
When Jim arrived home, he bolted through the front door waving the
magazine in the air.
Jim: Look, look!! We're on the magazine frontpage along with Serena and Cat!!
Sharon: Cool!!
Andrea: Wow!!
Caroline: Look like these 2 girls are famous!! (smiling to herself)
Catherine: Let me see, let me see! (jumping up and down)
Jim passes the magazine to Catherine.
Catherine: Wow cool!! I can't believe it!!
Serena: Hello! Girl in pain over here! Could you stop screaming?
Catherine: Sorry sis, but look, we are on the cover of a MAGAZINE! US!
Serena: Oh my God! I donít believe it. It is a actually a good picture!(disbelief)
Catherine: We so have to frame this!
Serena: Definitely.
Jim: You know we better start thinking about dinner.
Caroline: What dinner? What time is it?
Sharon: 5:30pm
Jim: We forgot to have lunch.
Andrea: Well there was a lot going on.
The two girls stared at the floor again.
Dinner etcÖÖÖ.
Later that night, when everyone was in bed.
Serena: Cat? Are you awake?
Catherine: Wide.
Serena: I canít sleep, I keep thinking about tomorrow.
Catherine: Ditto. I want to spend every last second with them.
Serena: We still can.
Catherine: But theyíre asleep.
Serena: So, we can still be with them. We can sleep on the floor.
Catherine: Ok letís go.
So the girls got up. They were wondering which room to go to but then they saw all their doors were shut except Carolineís.
Serena: Ow!
Catherine: Shhh.
Serena: whispering) I stubbed my toe.
They put their pillows on the floor next to Carolineís bed, lay down and pulled their blankets over them. It took them while but eventually they fell asleep.
That morning in Andreaís room.
Caroline: Psst! Andy wake up.
Andrea: (moaning) What? Why is everyone waking me up early all the time?
Caroline: When I woke up, I found the girls sleeping on my floor and looks like you arenít the only one.
Andrea: (puzzled) Huh? What are you on about?
Caroline: Címon, youíll see.
They walked into Carolineís room.
Andrea: Aw! They look so cute when they sleep.
She bent down and brushed the hair from Serenaís face, tucking it behind her ear.
Caroline: I know they look so peaceful, but look closer at Cat. Look at her hand.
Andrea: Aw! Sheís sucking her thumb!
The two girls started to wake up.
Serena: Oh, hi.
Andrea: Hey.
Catherine took her thumb out of her mouth and looked around, when she saw Andrea she sat bolt up right.
Catherine: What? It wasnít me.
Caroline: (laughing) Hey, calm down, itís okay.
Jim: (running in) Caroline! Theyíve gone again!
Serena: (grinning) Hey Jim, whereís the fire?
Jim: (sighing with relief): Oh thank god! (Ruffling Serenaís hair) Letís go have breakfast.
Jim put his arm around Serenaís shoulder as she got and went to the kitchen. Andrea and Caroline got up and started to leave.
Caroline: (turning around) Hey, you coming?
Catherine nodded but waited until Andrea had left the room before she got up. Caroline looked from her sister to the younger girl and shrugged.

Jim and Sharon had already got everything ready and it was all on the table. They all sat down and started to eat.

As Catherine reached across to get the OJ Sharon asked: Hey Cat, whatís on your arm?
Catherine: Huh? Oh nothing. (She quickly tugged down her pyjama sleeve)
Sharon: No Cat, I saw something there. Plus when someone doesnít look you in the eye when they answer you they are usually lying.
Catherine: Thereís nothing there!
Jim: Cat, show us your arm.
Catherine: My arm is fine, thereís nothing to show!
Jim: Catherine! (giving ďthe lookĒ that parents give when they know that you are hiding something.)
Serena: You better show em Cat.
Reluctantly Catherine pulled up her sleeve and put her arm down on the table. Andrea gasped as she saw a nasty, dark purple bruise, the whole way around the youngest girlsí wrist: Catherine can I talk to you for a minute?

She looked at Serena. Serena (to Catherine): Hey, go on.
Andrea led Cat to her room and closed the door behind them. Andrea sat on the bed.
Andrea: Come and sit.
Catherine just lingered at the door, eyes on the floor
Andrea: Ok. Well I want to explain about what I did yesterday. (Cat just nods. Andrea sighs).  You have no idea what we were going through yesterday when we realised youíd gone, the things that were going through our heads?
Iíve grown so attached to you guys, we all have, itís like youíre my own. I wouldnít have been able to live with myself.
(Tears start falling down her face, Cat slowly starts moving towards her. She reaches out her hand to touch Andreas, but still wasnít completely comfortable so she just sat on the floor by her feet).
Andrea: I have never been or worried in my life and of course I would be mad, how would you feel if Serena suddenly disappeared. (Cat shrugged, starting to understand) But when you said that it didnít matter, it just kind of tipped me over the edge. I was just overcome with emotions. I was ecstatic and relieved that we found you and you were ok, I was furious that you just got up and left and you get the idea.
Catherine: Yeah I understand.
Andrea: Hey you spoke! (Cat leant again her legs and Andrea started stroking her hair) So I know I over reacted but you guys did have some fault.
Catherine: I know. Iím sorry.
Andrea: We better get back out there.
When they rejoined the gang, Sharon was just finishing with the dishes. Serena was leaning against Caroline on the couch.
Caroline: Everything sorted out then? (Andrea nodded) Great! We were getting worried for a minute there.
Andrea: So Serena, howís your head feeling?
Serena: Thereís still a dull throb.
Andrea: Letís have a look.
She went over to the couch and pulled back Serenaís hair.
Andrea: Oooh. Ouch. Maybe we should put some more ice on that.
Jim threw some over from the kitchen.
Andrea: Ok, hold still. (Serena winced as Andrea placed the ice on the side of her head).
Catherine: We should probably pack our stuff.
Sharon: Oh yeah, you guys have to go home. Iíll pack Serenaís stuff.
Sharon and Catherine went to get everything together.
Jim: So where abouts down under do you live?
Serena: Geelong, itís an hours south of Melbourne.
Caroline: Yeah we passed through their once.
Serena: Thereís not much to do there, but we like it.
Jim: Just like here.
Serena: Yeah pretty much. Hey, whatís the time?
Caroline: Er, about 11:30.
Serena: Well, we have to be at the airport at 3.
Caroline: It only takes half an hour to get to the airport, so there is still some time.
Serena: You are being awfully quiet, Andy.
Andrea: Yeah, well I guess Iím starting to understand what you were talking about saying good-bye.
Caroline: Itís going to be extremely hard.  (She put her arm around Serena)
Serena: Well thanks for knocking us over in the pub.
Jim: It was our pleasure. Thank you for faintings.
After saying their thanks yous, The Corrs, Serena and Catherine carried the luggage to the boot of Jim's lexus getting ready to go to the airport.
At the airport they finally got all the luggage onto the trolleys. They were walking inside and suddenly they all heard a crash, they turned around and saw the trolley on its side, bags everywhere and Serena standing by looking everywhere but at the band.
Serena: Sorry, I didn't meant to crash the trolley. I'm just not myself at all today??
Andrea: Is it because your head is still hurting???
Serena: Yeah... a bit otherwise I'm fine.
Sharon: (suspiciously) It's quite unusual to push a trolley into the wall like that.
Serena: (uncomfortably and avoiding everyones eyes) Well you know what these trolleys are like, one wrong move and you don't know where they are going to go.
Jim: It's just a trolley. Well we better get this stuff back on otherwise you'll miss your plane.
The Corrs, Catherine and Serena placed the luggage back in the trolley. Serena was still avoiding looking at the band while Catherine could see Serena was actually falling apart and not coping very well. Meanwhile, Jim pushed the trolley instead.
The sisters followed the band and whispered to each other.
Catherine: Are you okay??
Serena: Yeah.. I'll be fine. I just can't imagine spending a day without them.
Catherine: Yeah, me too. I know, why don't when the band gets the tickets for us, we actually sneak off?
Serena: That's great!! You're a genius, Cat!!
Catherine: Yeah, I like to think so.
Caroline glanced back and saw the girls whispering. As soon as they saw her watching they stopped.
Caroline: Ok what are you planning now? Breaking your neck? Phony kidnapping?
Catherine: (looking behind her to see who Caroline was talking to) Who?
Caroline: (turning back around) Oh haha.
Serena: But you are..
At the counter.. the band was getting the tickets for the 2 girls.
Catherine: Remember...
Serena: On the count of 3. 1, 2, 3. go...
The two sisters tried to sneak away. Meanwhile, Andrea was about to sneeze, so she turned around to sneeze catching the girls trying to sneak off.
Andrea: Oh no you don't!!!
The two girls started to run but got yanked back, falling on the ground as Jim and Caroline grabbed the necks of their jumpers. With a few more hours left, they decided to go to KFC, which was already part of the airport.
Jim: Since this is the last meal together, it's our shout.
Serena/Catherine: (looking awfulyl depressed)
Caroline: What do you guys want??
Catherine: Yeah well... we're not very hungry.
Serena: As a matter of fact, we've lost our appetite.
Sharon: Come on.. you gotta eat something..
Andrea: At least eat something for us.. You two are making us worried.
Catherine: Yeah.. well... whatever is fine.
Serena: Me and Cat can share the Chicky meal.
Sharon: Okay.. us 4 can have just 8 pieces of hot and spicy.
At the tables... they began to eat. It was awfully a dreaded silence, nobody wanted to start a conversation at all. Serena and Catherine finished their meal when there is 1 chip left.
Serena: That one can be mine!!
Catherine: No.. it's mine!!
Serena: I'm the oldest!!
Catherine: So..? shouldn't elders respect the youngest? Besides your older so you've had more chips than me in your lifetime!!
Serena: Yeah well.. haven't you been taught to respect your elders?!!
Catherine: COPY CAT! You just took my line and rearranged the words!
Serena: So what?!! you gotta learn to share!!
Catherine: Same to you!!
Serena and Catherine began to strangle each others necks that their faces were turning red. It made them hard to breathe. While the two were strangling, Andrea took the last chip while Caroline pulled Catherine away and Sharon pulled Serena away. The two sisters wouldn't let go but Sharon and Caroline managed to stop them.
Sharon: Stop it you two!!
Caroline: You're not kids anymore.
Sharon: Sooo grow up!!!
Catherine:  Sorry...
Serena: (didn't say anything but looked even more falling apart)
Catherine: Anyway, I need to go to the bathroom.
Serena:  Me too..
Jim: Rightio, gotcha.
The two sisters headed to the bathroom. After washing their hands, they planned on trying another of those sneaking attacks. But Andrea stood at the door waiting for them.
Andrea: Can't get away from me.. I know what you two were gonna be up to.
Andrea took hold of their arms so that they would run. It seemed time to get going as the plane was about to board.As they were walking Cat and Serena suddenly stopped.
Catherine: Oh damn I think I've left one of my tops and your house!
Serena: Yeah. I think you did, I don't remember packing it!
Jim: Um, Serena you didn't pack it. Sharon did and we went through your room a million times checking .
Andrea: And if you actually did we'll send it to you.
Serena: (to Catherine) Oh well.. it was worth a try.
They heard an announcement over the loud speaker: "Flight 143 to Brisbane, Australia is now boarding"
When they got to the gate the girls handed in their tickets and turned to face the band.
Jim: Well I guess this is it then.
Catherine: (screaming and starting to cry) NO!!!
The two girls started to run again. They knew it was ridiculous and childish but they couldn't bring themsleves to say goodbye. Sharon grabbed Catherine around the waist and Caroline got Serena. They picked them up and carried the girls kicking and screaming to the gate. They band gave each girl a quick hug and pushed them inside. The Corrs didn't want the younger ones to see them crying so they quickly turned and walked away. It was the last thing the girls saw as the gate door closed.

to be continued....