Tiger's Eye is the handsomest one of the Trio, judging from the reactions of many of the women he encounters. (That is, apart from the ones who decide they want to get away from him, right now.) His greatest admirer, however, is probably himself.

He has long wavy golden hair which he wears in a red headband.His Grey eyes are enough to make any of the girls swoon He also wears a tight-fitting white shirt and black briefs over tiger skin leggings (and those are just his work clothes). Like all the male Sailormoon villains, he wears earrings, which are made of razor blades, and wears a beaded necklace. He carries with him His whip which is also his main attack.

His job is to seek out the younger girls for the Zirconia, and woos them into trusted him, but before long he turns on them just as quickly to snatch away there Dreams...



Name: Tigers Eye
Birthday: year of the tiger
Star Sign: Sagitarius
Height: 5'11"
Favorite Colors: Gold, Red
Hobbies: hunting for young girls
Favorite Foods: Seafood
Least Favorite Foods: vegitables
Favorite Gemstone: Tiger's Eye

Likes: Himself
Dislikes: People Girls that don't woo over him or think he is pretty
Favorite Animal: Tiger
Strong Points: Looks
Has Trouble With: Guys
Dream: to be a real Person with feelings and dreams...

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