Lately I have been working on yet another anime page. This upcoming page is for the Manga/anime series Geobreeders.
The site will have two choices of viewing. Flash and Non-Flash. I am working very hard to make it the best Geobreeders Site ever.

Geobreeders is a popular manga from Japan.It has been released in america. Despite the manga geobreeders has only had one anime video ever released. "Get back The Kitty" a theatrical style OAV tape.

My site will contain many pictures and screenshots, along with manga scans. It will also have information and multimedia. Even a complete list of Seiyuu Voice Actors for both the dub and subtitled versions.

Though, yes, I have been working very hard on this page and will be updating it often when it is finished I will coninue working on Other popular sites of mine such as The Tiger Eye Shrine and Caroline's Sailor Scouts...

I hope you will injoy my site when I do finally get it Finsihed.

thanks you for you time...



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