Raspberry Tart and Rubarb on seesaw
Huckleberry Pie fishing
Apricot and Hotsalot in wheelbarrow

Purple Pieman with pie
Strawberry Shortcake on skateboard
Cherry Cuddler on rocking horse
Lemon Meringue picking flowers
Butter Cookie and Jelly Bear crawling
Lemon Meringue holding flowers
Blueberry Muffin with basket

Orange Blossom and Marmalade
Strawberry Shortcake and Custard
Angel Cake and Soufle
Raspberry Tart
Blueberry Muffin

Cherry Cuddler and Gooseberry
 Lemon Meringue and Frappe'
Orange Blossom Party Pleaser

Almond Tea Party Pleaser
Lime Chiffon and Parfait
Purple Pieman
Sour Grapes
Apple Dumplin'

Huckleberry Pie and Pupcake

SSC Notebook--sold at Hot Topic.com
SSC Notebook--sold at Hot Topic.com
Several of our cards

Berry Bake Shoppe
Berry Trolley (cute!)
SSC fold-over purse

Picture phono disk
(front and back)
Uncut fabric dolls


To be added later:
Flitter Bit Butterfly
Apricot Blowkiss doll
Berry Cycle.........

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