One Little Star

from the movie "Follow That Bird"

Big Bird: One little star, all alone in the sky
Do you ever get lonely as the twilight drifts by?

Olivia: One little star, in the darkening blue
Do you long for another just the way that I do?

Snuffleupugus: Sky begins to fill; darkness ends the day
Someone who I love is far away.

Olivia: One little star, reaching far through the night
Do you shine on my someone? Are we sharing your light?
Oh, one little star, shine on us both tonight.

Big Bird (speaking): Gee, I wish Olivia was here to sing me a lullaby,
and Snuffy was here, and we'd all be together.
I wonder what they're all doing tonight...

One little star (one little star)
Reaching far through the night (reaching far through the night)
Would you shine on my someone (shine on my someone)
So we're sharing your light? (please, share your light)

ALL: Oh, one little star, shine on us all tonight.

Transcribed by a friend of the archive ;-)

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