If Moon Was Cookie

Words by Luis Santeiro
Music by Stephen Lawrence
as sung by Cookie Monster (Frank Oz)

Spoken: Oh, me love to look at sky at night, to see stars go twinkle-twinkle.
But, you know what me love to look at most - the moon.
It's so big and round. And you know what moon remind me of?
It remind me of big delicious cookie!
Imagine, imagine what me do if moon was cookie.

If moon was cookie, me think me would be
The happiest monster you've ever seen
I'd put on a spacesuit and up through the night
I'd ride in a rocket and go take a bite

Me take bite from here, me take bite from there
And pretty soon me bite everywhere
Me eat with both hands, don't need fork or spoon
I'd chew it all up, until there's no moon

Who turned out the lights? Oh, me know what happened.
Me ate moon and now there's no moonlight.

If moon was cookie it wouldn't be fine
'Cause if me ate it, then it wouldn't shine
Me come to the window and look up at night
But no little moonbeams would give me the light

So me not like to say it, but it clear to me
We're lucky that moon is not a cookie

Transcribed by Julie Levine

Originally released on the album "The Gang's All Here" (1983)

available on the album

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