Ernie Presents The Letter U

skit with Ernie (Jim Henson) and Cookie Monster (Frank Oz)

(drum roll)

Announcer: Ernie Presents The Letter U

Ernie: And now we will study the letter U. Now, one word that begins with U, is ukulele. And this is a ukulele.

Cookie Monster: And this Cookie Monster.

Ernie: Cookie Monster! What are you doing here?

Cookie Monster: Oh just hanging around.

Ernie: Hmmm ... well, do you know what to do with a ukulele?

Cookie Monster: Sure do!

Ernie: Oh no. He's going to eat the ukulele.

Cookie Monster: (singing off-key and playing off-key) A lookie-lookie here comes cookie!

Ernie: Oh, very good, Cookie Monster. You play a ukulele.

Cookie Monster: Ukulele play nice. (He devours the ukulele) Taste nice too.

Ernie: (stammering)

Cookie Monster: Wha?

Ernie: U ... u ... used to be a ukulele.

Transcribed by Henry Stratigacos

Originally released on the album

Ernie's Hits

Ernie's Hits (1975)
Children's Records of America

and on the cassette

Bert & Ernie: Side By Side

Bert & Ernie: Side By Side (1981)
Golden Music