The Classic Rhyming Song

sung by Bip Bipadotta (Jim Henson) and his buddies

Bip Bipadotta

Bip Bipadotta: Fat

Green guy: Cat

Blue guy: Sat

Violet guy: Hat

gg: Fat

bg: Fat

vg: (pause) Fat

gg: Cat

bg: Cat

vg: (pause) Cat

gg: Sat

bg: Sat

vg: (pause) Sat

gg: Hat

bg: Hat

vg: (pause) Hat

Bip Bipadotta: (bursting in) A fat cat sat on a hat, saw a rat on the mat, got a bat, had a chat with a gnat that he'd pat in a vat that was flat, oh yeah!

(all glare at him, shaking their heads)

(quieter) Oh... yeah
Sorry about that

gg: Ball

bg: Tall

vg: Wall

gg: Small

bg: Small

vg: (pause) Small

gg: Ball

bg: Ball

vg: (pause) Ball

gg: Tall

bg: Tall

vg: (pause) Tall

gg: Wall

bg: Wall

vg: (pause) Wall

Bip Bipadotta: (bursting in) See the small ball on the tall wall, see it fall in a hall, see it crawl, give its all its call, "Hi, y'all!" see it stall, wear a shawl, oh yeah!

(all glare at him, shaking their heads)
(Quieter) Oh, yeah (sighs)

gg: Head

bg: Fed

vg: Bread

gg: Red

bg: Red

vg: (pause) Red

gg: Head

bg: Head

vg: (pause) Head

gg: Fed

bg: Fed

vg: (pause) Fed

gg: Bread

bg: Bread

vg: (pause) Bread

Bip Bipadotta: (bursting in) See the red head bein' fed bread on his sled made of lead as he sped to be wed but he fled instead out ahead up to Ted in his bed and he said...

(All glare at him as he continues, shrinking down)
Red, head, fed, bread
Small, ball, tall, wall
Fat, cat, sat, hat
And that's that!

gg, bg, & vg: SCAT!!!

Transcribed by Jen Finlayson, pic from

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