Gone Fishin'

Words and Music by John Denver

Gone fishin'
There's a sign upon your door
Gone fishin'
I ain't workin' anymore
There's a hoe out in the sun
Where you left a row half done
I said "Hoe-in' ain't no fun"
You ain't got no ambition
Gone fishin' - by a shady, wady pool
Gone fishin' - man, you really play it cool
We don't wish to be annoyed, Mister John,
And Mister Floyd, we're fishin'
Instead of just a-wishin'
We're fishin' instead of just a-wishin'
Oh, yeah!

Lyrics from Fabio Zucca's John Denver site

Rocky Mountain Holiday
From "John Denver & The Muppets - Rocky Mountain Holiday" (1983 - out of print)

Released on DVD in 2003

Rocky Mountain Holiday
Rocky Mountain Holiday (DVD)
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