Four Furry Friends

sung by Cookie Monster, Grover (both Frank Oz)
Herry Monster (Jerry Nelson), and Oscar the Grouch (Carroll Spinney)
Written by Joe Raposo

Herry (SPOKEN): Hey, Oscar, Cookie, Grover! It's time to sing the song about the letter that comes after "E"!

Oscar: I don't wanna do this icky, crummy, lovey-dovey old F song!

Cookie: C'mon lets all sing together.

Herry: All those words that start with the letter F!

All: (sing)
Four furry friends. Frolicking fellows.
On Friday afternoon. (afternoon)
4 furry friends, frankly affectionate,
They sing the future soon. (future soon)
Faithful, fearless, friends for forever.
Fabulous, fun, family.
4 furry friends, faithful together.
Fun-filled, and forever free. (ever free)

Herry (SPOKEN): F is the letter that brings us together.
F is fun. F is famous.
And together our friendship will forge forward.
Thanks to that fantastic letter F.

All (SING): Four furry friends, faithful together.
Fun-filled, and forever free. (Ever free!)

Oscar: Boy, I really hated that!

Transcribed by three of my furry friends Robert Moszenberg , Don Murphy and William Powell

Originally released on

The Muppet Alphabet Album

The Muppet Alphabet Album (1971)
Children's Television Workshop

The same album was reissued in 1996 as

Sing The Alphabet

Sing The Alphabet (CD)
and on Cassette

also released on the album

Grover Sings The Blues

Grover Sings The Blues (1974)
Children's Records of America