I'm So Blue

from "Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird"

Big Bird has been caught by Sid Sleaze (Joe Flaherty) and Sam Sleaze (Dave Thomas), two greedy brothers who run a carnival. They have painted him blue and put him in a singing act as the "Bluebird of Happiness." He is now sitting in a nest in a cage on a stage, wearing a clown's pants and ruffled collar, singing before an audience in a tent.

Big Bird: I'm a bluebird that's been dreaming
Of a rainbow I can follow
To that old familiar place I long to see

Friendly faces, a smile to greet me
Or just a simple "Hello, how are you?"
Oh, without them, I'm so blue
There's only one thing that will do
To make this heartache end
To be back home again

Boy in audience (Liston Bates, spoken): He sure looks sad.

Girl sitting next to boy (Tawny Richard, spoken): He sure does.

Big Bird: I'll never lose my dreams
Even though this time it seems
Like I'm such a long way
From any rainbows that might keep my dreams from fading
Oh, no wonder I'm so blue

(Sam, working spotlight, cries loudly)

Big Bird: There's only one thing that will do
To make this heartache end
To be back home again
To be back home again

Sid (counting money backstage while he sings):
I'm a rich man, getting richer
Here's my money; let me count it
I'm so happy... (starts whistling)

(Boy and girl from audience sneak in behind him and go to sleeping Big Bird's cage.)

Girl: Are you real?

(A tear trickles from Big Bird's left eye)

Boy: He must be real; he's crying. (to Big Bird) What's the matter?

Big Bird (wakes up and sees kids): Oh, oh, uh, I'm in big trouble, see? Uh, could you do me a favor? (Kids nod) Uh, I, I can't get out of here, and I want to! So, could you call Mister Looper's Store on Sesame Street and tell somebody where I am?

Sid (spoken, noticing kids): Hey, kids, get away from the talent! Go on, get! Scram! (barks like a dog as kids run off. Laughs.)
(singing) I'm a rich man, getting richer!

(Girl is on pay phone with boy lifting her. Phone rings once, and operator answers.)

Operator (spoken): Operator. May I help you?

Girl (spoken): Hello, operator, can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Transcribed by SlvrSlprz@aol.com

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