The Insects In Your Neighbourhood

sung by Ernie

Hello, Mr. Caterpillar, inching along I see

Oh a caterpillar crawls around
His tummy rubs along the ground
But you're bound to get a big surprise
'Cause they grow up into butterflies

And how are you Mr. Grasshopper? Very hoppy?

A grasshopper will leap and hop
You wonder does it ever stop
They're the kind of insect you might see
Eating grass beneath a shady tree

It's a cricket! Look!

Now crickets are those chirpy things
To make that noise they rub their wings
If you hear that noise the chance is good
There's a cricket in your neighbourhood

And there it is in the thicket! A cricket in the thicket!
Hi Mr. Bee, looking for your honey?

A honeybee will buzz around
Wherever flowers can be found
They will look for nectar they can take
So that honey they can later make

You'll find that ants are everywhere
They always crawl from here to there
They're little but they're very strong
And they like to work the whole day long

So these are the insects in your neighbourhood
In your neighbourhood, in your neighbourhood
Yes these are the insects in your neighbourhood
They're the insects that you meet
When you're walking down the street
They're the insects that you meet each day!

Transcribed by Robert Moszenberg

Originally released on the album "The Gang's All Here" (1983)

available on the video

Sing, Hoot & Howl
Sing, Hoot & Howl