Just Because

(the letter Y skit on the album "Sesame Street Sing the Alphabet")
script by Jim Henson and Jerry Juhl
performed by Grover (Frank Oz) and A Little Girl

Little Girl: "This looks like a good place to put this letter Y. It's a letter that comes after X and just before Z. I bet Grover doesn't know what this letter is!"

Grover: "Skedaddle... skedaddle... skaddle-UP! I bet you think Grover does not know what this letter is."

Little Girl: "Well, Grover, do you?"

Grover: "No."

Little Girl: "I didn't think so."

Grover: "It's very pretty! It starts out with one line at the bottom and splits into two lines at the top."

Little Girl: "That's what it looks like. But what is this letter called?"

Grover: "I do not know. Tell me."

Little Girl: "Y." (sounds like "Why?")

Grover: "Because I want to know."

Little Girl: "Y."

Grover: "So I can be smart. Please tell me."

Little Girl: "I already did!"

Grover: "You did?"

Little Girl: "Hmm-hmm."

Grover: "Would you tell me again?"

Little Girl: "Y."

Grover: "Because I did not hear you before."

Little Girl: "Y."

Grover: "I don't know! Maybe my ears are on backwards! How should I know?!"

Little Girl: "Grover, let me give you a little hint."

Grover: "All right."

Little Girl: "This is the letter that you hear at the beginnings of words like yellow, yarn, year, and yo-yo."

Grover: "Hmm... It has a cute little yih-yih sound, but I do not know what it is called."

Little Girl: "Y."

Grover: "Maybe because NO ONE WILL TELL ME!"

Little Girl: "Y!"

Grover: "How should I know?! Maybe no one likes me!"

Little Girl: "Y!"

Grover: (crying) "I don't know why no one likes me! I try to be so nice..."

Little Girl: "The answer is Y! Y-Y-Y! The letter is called Y, like W, X, Y, Z!"

Grover: "...That's the letter Y?"

Little Girl: "That's what I've been trying to tell you!"

Grover: "... I am sooo embarrassed..."

Transcribed by Jogchem Jalink

Originally released on

The Muppet Alphabet Album

The Muppet Alphabet Album (1971)
Children's Television Workshop

The same album was reissued in 1996 as

Sing The Alphabet

Sing The Alphabet (CD)
and on Cassette

also released on the album

Grover Sings The Blues

Grover Sings The Blues (1974)
Children's Records of America

I believe this is the same song released on the album

My Name Is Roosevelt Franklin

My Name Is Roosevelt Franklin (1971)
Children's Television Workshop

also released as "The Year Of Roosevelt Franklin"
Is this the right cover?

The Year Of Roosevelt Franklin

also available on the album

A Celebration of Me, Grover

A Celebration of Me, Grover (CD)