Please Keep Off The Grass

written by Sam Pottle and David Axlerod

sung by A Blade Of Grass
(part of one line we're not sure of)

this version from the "Signs!" album
(1977) Children's Television Workshop

I'm a blade of grass
As you can see
As tall and green as I can be
When the sign says "Please Keep Off The Grass"
That sign means keep off of me

Don't step on me
I'd be crushed, it's true
So the sign tells you
"Please Keep Off The Grass"

Don't step on me
Give me room to grow
I make lawns you mow
"Please Keep Off The Grass"

I never did a thing to you
I just stand here growing
So have a heart and be a pal
When my "Keep Off The Grass" is showing

Don't step on me
I need sun and air
So the sign is there
Telling you to care it's (good for me?)
If you will please keep off the grass
"Please Keep Off The Grass"

Transcribed by Marcie Grover

Originally released on the album


Signs! (1977) Children's Television Workshop