King Minus

a cartoon

Here comes King Minus
All listen and hear
How whatever he touches will
Poof, disappear
Just a touch of his finger
Brings forth this reaction
He makes things go away
It's like magic subtraction

One day while out riding he glanced up above
At a maid in a castle and his heart filled with love
But outside awaited the terrible fate
There were four awful dragons guarding the gate

One tried to fry him and chortled with glee
But King Minus touched him and then there were three
(four take away one leaves three)

Another fierce dragon leaped into view
King Minus touched him and then there were two
(three take away one leaves two)

Along came another jumping high as the sun
The King took him away and then there was one
(two take away one leaves one)

The last dragon thought that to hide would be best
For he saw what had happened to all of the rest
So into the forest he started to run
But King Minus found him...
...and then there were none
(one take away one leaves none)

Then he ran into the castle and out on the roof
But when he touched the fair maiden
Alas, she too, went poof.

Transcribed by Bethany Harpur