Do You Like Me?

sung by Bert (Frank Oz) and Ernie (Jim Henson)

Spoken parts in brackets

Ernie: Do you like me?
Am I okay?
Do you like me?
If you do please say,
That you like me,
Just this way.
I want to hear it from you.

Bert: (Oh, Ernie.)

Ernie: (No, really, Bert.)

Ernie: Do you like me?
Do you think I'm swell?
Do you like me?
You know me well,
If you like me.
Won't you tell?
I want to hear it from you.

We always have a super time,
When we play and sing a song.
But I wonder if you still like me,
Even when I do things wrong?

Bert: (Oh, Ernie.)

Bert: Yes, I like you.

Ernie: (Really?)

Bert: That is right.
Oh I like you.

Ernie: (Oh good!)

Bert: Can you turn out the light?
I like you.
Now can we say good night?

Ernie: (Good night!)

Bert: Now that you've heard it from me.

Ernie: (Oh gee, thanks Bert. I think I can sleep now.)

Bert: (Ahh, that's good. Good night.)

Ernie: (Goodnight! (pause) Oh, but, ah, Bert?)

Bert: (Ernie, what?)

Ernie: (I like you, too, Bert.)

Bert: (Oh ... (mutter))

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Originally released on the album


Love (1980)
Sesame Street Records (Out of print)