Longy and Shorty - Next To The Cactus

cartoon with the two snakes, Longy and Shorty

[Scene: A desert during the day. Slithering through the sand are Longy, a very long rattlesnake, and Shorty, a very short rattlesnake. They both wear neckerchiefs and cowboy hats. A sound of wild laughter is heard, along with a rattling.]

Shorty: What in the blue tarnation was that?

Longy: I don’t know!

Shorty: Let’s split up.

Longy [nervously]: Uh, is that safe?

Shorty: Ooh, yes. I’m next to you.

Longy: Yeah.

Shorty: And you’re next to me.

Longy: Yeah.

Shorty: Let’s change that.

Longy: All right.

Shorty: You go over next to the cactus.

Longy: Next to the cactus?

Shorty: Yes.

Longy: What are you gonna do?

Shorty: I’m gonna go next to the rock.

Longy [starting off]: I don’t know what “next to” means, but I trust you.

Shorty: You just slither on over there and get right beside of. That’s “next to.” Go on, go on, go on!

[Longy leaves in a hurry. A few moments later, Shorty slithers next to the cactus, only to find Longy dangling down from the top of it.]

Shorty: You side-winding, no-good cowpoke! You got right on top of the cactus! I told you to get next to the cactus...!

Longy: Well, I told you I didn’t know what “next to” means!

Shorty: It means “right beside of” !

Longy: Oh.

[The laughing and rattling can still be heard.]

Shorty: What made that sound?

[On the cactus we now see assorted other rattlesnakes, all wearing cowboy hats.]

Longy: There’s some other guys.

Shorty: Well, now you’re next to them other guys!

[The other snakes keep on laughing and rattling their tails.]

Transcribed by SilveryShoe@aol.com