Me! Everything I am is me!
The best thing I can be is
Me in my mirror
Me in my bed!
Me in the pictures I make in my head
Oh me!
What a thing to be is me
Utterly delicous!
And since there's no choice I am sure I and me agree!
There's nobody nicer, smarter, better, sweeter ...
Can't you see ... than me!!

Transcribed by Robert Moszenberg

Originally released on the album

Grover Sings The Blues

"Grover Sings The Blues" (1974) Children's Records of America

available on the album

Platinum Too
Platinum Too (CD)
and Cassette

and on the album

Fiesta Songs! (CD)

and on the CD

A Celebration of Me, Grover

A Celebration of Me, Grover