Good Morning, Mister Sun

sung by Big Bird (Carroll Spinney)

Good morning
Mister Sun
Welcome to the sky
Shine on all the
Little creatures
As you're passing by
Stop yawning
Mister Sun
Time to make a day
Brightening every
Little corner
As you go your way

The moon and stars are
Fine at night
But when it's day
We need your light
So, we say, "Keep shining
Mister Sun
Smiling in the blue."
You'll see all the
Little children
Smiling back at you
And birds and bees
The flowers, the trees
The whole wide world
Will seem to say
"Good Morning
Good Morning
Mister Sun
Good Morning
Have a nice day."

Transcribed by Dave Frey

may have been originally released on the album
(song's listed as simply "Good Morning")

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