duet by Ernie and Bert
sung seperately and then overlapping

Bert: (spoken)
Oh boy. Oh boy. Itís one oíclock.
The little handís on the one, and the big handís on the twelve.
You know what I say to myself every day at one oíclock?
I say to myself, Bert, itís one oíclock now - time for one of the most exciting things I do everyday.
Itís time for my nap.

Oh, itís time for a nap now
Time for resting my head
Yes, itís time for a nap now
Nice and comfy in bed
Feel my eyes getting drowsy
Time for counting some sheep
Itís such a perfect time to get some sleep

Ernie: Hi there, Bert. Hey, Iíve got a great idea for what we can do now, Bert.

Bert: Please donít bother me now, Ernie

Ernie: How would you like to play some ball, Bert?
Wouldnít you like to go outside?
Wouldnít you like to play a game of hide and seek?
You seek, Iíll hide
(No thanks, Ernie)
Maybe a run around the block, Bert
Really, itís such a lovely day
And such a perfect time for us to go out and play
Come on, are you ready?

Bert: Iíd really rather not

Ernie: Well, why not, Bert?

(They sing their parts overlapping)

You sure you donít want to come outside?
Iím sleepy
Okay, byebye

Transcribed by Andrea Sunderland

Originally released on the album

What Time Is It On Sesame Street?

What Time Is It On Sesame Street? (1977)
Children's Television Workshop

and on the album

Sesame Street Silver - 10th Anniversary Album

Sesame Street Silver - 10th Anniversary Album (1978)
Children's Television Workshop (Out of print)