Herb's Silly Poem

as recited by Herbert Birdsfoot (Jerry Nelson)
Written by Jerry Juhl

Prairie Dawn: Since "K" is the next letter, Herbert Birdsfoot will now recite his "K" poem. So listen to the words that start with "K-uh".

Herb: I don't want to.

Oscar: Why not Herb?

Herb: Well, because everyone says it's silly.

All of the other Muppets: Oh no!

Grover: Oh, Herb, that's not true.

Herb: Yes, you'll all say it's silly.

Grover: Herb, we will not now.

Herb: You won't say it's silly?

All of the other Muppets: No!

Herb: Oh, OK

There once was a king from Kalamazoo
Who had a kicky kangaroo
Now the kindly kangaroo named Kay
Played a keen kazoo both night and day
'Twas the kind of kazoo that went koo-koo
Koo-Koo Koo-Koo went Kay's kazoo
And when the kindly king of Kalamazoo saw Kay the kangaroo's kazoo
He said right here in Kalamazoo, we'll build a zoo for a kangaroo
And so when you are passing through
Stop by and you can listen to
The Kalamazoo zoo's kangaroo play koo-koo-koo on her kazoo

Big Bird: I hate to say this Herb, but do you know what?

Herb: What?

All of the other Muppets: That's silly!

Transcribed by the sometimes silly Don Murphy and William Powell

Originally released on

The Muppet Alphabet Album

The Muppet Alphabet Album (1971)
Children's Television Workshop

The same album was reissued in 1996 as

Sing The Alphabet

Sing The Alphabet (CD)
and on Cassette