Tiger Hunt

classic skit performed by Ernie (Jim Henson) and Mr. Tiger

(To appreciate this transcript remember it was only heard on the record version, it's never been seen on television.)

Ernie: Hey everybody! I'm going on a tiger hunt! I've got my trusty rusty telescope right here.

(squeaking noises in background).

You wanna come along? Well, let's go then.

(sound of door opening)

A tiger hunt can be fun, you just do what I do.

Now first we're gonna walk down this road. Of course, you're not really on a road but you can pretend.

Just stand up and walk around the room or walk in place without really going anywhere.

Come on now, everybody walk. Are you walking with me? Good!

Okay, now we've got to climb this hill.

Oh ... hee ... this is hard. Are you climbing with me? Good.

There now here we are at the top of the hill. And now we can run down!

Are you running with me? Okay!

Watch out there's a fence at the bottom of the hill, we'll have to jump it ...

Alley-oop! We made it!

Oh oh, we're here. we're walking through the tiger jungle.

Oh boy. Oh there are a lot of mosquitoes here! Shoo mosquitoes! Shoo those mosquitoes away!

Oh there's some on my arm. Slap those mosquitoes if they land on you. There, that's better.

Hey look, we've come to a big thicket of thorns.

We're gonna have to crawl on our tummies to get through these thorns.

You crawling with me? Good!

Oops, I'm caught on a thorn (ripping sound) ooh ... there.

Now we can get up because we're at the other side of the thicket and ... what is this?

We've come to the great jungle river! We're gonna have to swim for it.

Ready to dive into the water? Ready, get set, jump!

(splashing sounds)

Here we go, swimming across the river! Oh my trusty rusty telescope is going to get even rustier.

There, there, we made it. Okay, walk up on to the river bank.

Here, oh look over there. It's a bunch of elephants. We'd better tiptoe past them.

Are you tiptoeing with me? Good!

There, okay now we're past the elephants. We should be near the tiger's house.

Let's climb that tree so we can look around.

You climbing with me? Okay. Here we go.

All right, now here we are high in the tree. Let's look through my trusty rusty telescope and try to find that tiger.

Look to the right.

Look to the left.

Look down ... hmmm ... I don't see a tiger.

Mr. Tiger: Good afternoon!

Ernie: Oops. There's a big furry striped animal in this tree with us.

Mr. Tiger: Roar!

Ernie: It's a tiger! RUN!

Climb down the tree as fast as you can. He's following us - run!

Tiptoe past the elephants.

Run down the river bank.

Swim the jungle river.

Climb up and cross through the thicket of thorns.

Then slap the mosquitoes away.

And run through the jungle.

Now jump over the fence.

Now run up the hill.

Now run down the hill.

Now open the door and ...

(sound of door closing)

ooh ... ahh ... we made it ... we're home ...

Bert: Hey, hi, Ernie. Where you been?

Ernie: Oh Bert, don't ask!

(knocking on door)

Bert: Oh, I'll get it, Ernie.

(sound of door opening)

Mr. Tiger: Roar!

Bert: Hi, Mr. Tiger. What do you want?

Mr. Tiger: Ernie forgot his trusty rusty telescope in my jungle!

(door closes)

Ernie: Oh, oh Bert!

Transcribed by Kasia at The Rosie Nation

Originally released on the album

Havin' Fun with Ernie & Bert

Havin' Fun with Ernie & Bert and the Muppets of Sesame Street
(1972 and reissued in 1976)
Children's Television Workshop (Out of print)

and on the album

Ernie's Hits

Ernie's Hits (1975) Children's Records of America

and on the cassette

Bert & Ernie: Side By Side

Bert & Ernie: Side By Side (1981)
Golden Music